Qualifier matches begin on January 11th!


As you may have already heard on Reddit, the CSL will be seeding four teams into Riot's North American Collegiate Championship qualifiers. In this post we take a moment to break down some important questions you have before the West and South regional tournaments start NEXT WEEKEND.


How does CSL play into the Riot Collegiate tournament?


The CSL will seed four teams into the National Qualifiers. 


How will the four seeds be determined? 


We will be holding four regional tournaments where the winner of each region will be awarded one of the four seed slots. 


What are the dates/times of the regional tournaments?


West & South : January 11, 12 starting at 12pm PST

North & East : January 18, 19 starting at 12pm PST 


What is the qualifier format?


Each regional tournament will feature 30 teams placed in a single elimination bracket. The Ro32 and Ro16 will be BO1. From the quarter finals (Ro8) onward, matches will be Bo3. One winner will advance. 


What is the exact schedule for each weekend? 


Saturday (same for both weekends)

12pm PST - Ro32 

2pm PST -  Ro16

4pm PST - Ro8 


Sunday (same for both weekends) 

12pm PST - Semi Final 

3pm PST - Finals


How were the brackets seeded?


We seeded each bracket from 1-30 (the top 2 seeds receive a BYE to the 2nd round in each bracket). Seeds were awarded by aggregating results from last year's Azubu Collegiate Champions, CSL March Madness, and Week 1 results. 


Regional Brackets can be found here:







Any more questions that weren't answered here? Email us at [email protected]. Have fun and good luck summoners of the CSL!

By Theresa Gaffney

Thu Jan 2, 2014 9:02 PM

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