The road to MLG continues: Who made it closer to the ultimate Final Four goal?


By Blake Bottrill



With the round of 32 finishing up last week let's take a closer look at where everyone sits on the road to the Final Four. The brackets are shaping up much the way you would expect them to after following the collegiate scene this year. Everyone loves a good Cinderella story but thus far in the tournament we have yet to see any major upsets.



We had two of the heavyweights play on stream last weekend and as expected they both came out on top. On Saturday, it was SJSU vs Boston U: Wanting to give us a show game one started with a bloody exchange in the river that resulted in a 3 for 2 in favor of San Jose State University and a double kill on BabyBrandon before 3 minutes. SJSU were victorious over Boston University as ArcZSlash went huge two games in a row, ripping apart Boston U in the second game with a very impressive Nidalee pick. San Jose State dominated both games largely due to heavy mid game jungle pressure from Pandasaurus that allowed them to pick up kills and rotate for objectives.



The second broadcast on Sunday the 20th was the University of British Columbia taking on Bernard Baruch College. After a failed early tower push UBC took over early and didnt give Baruch much breathing room. Daijurjur turned into a beast on Jax in game one who splitpushed his way to a victory much to the chagrin of Baruch. Game number two was much the same and Daijurjur decided he felt like carrying again, this time on Shyvana as UBC pushed for the convincing 22 minute victory.


With all the major favourites still alive in the tournament we are sure to see some very explosive matchups in the coming weeks. The biggest games in the round of 16 should be San Jose State taking on the University of Michigan Ann Arbor along with Texas A&M doing battle against the Seminoles of Florida State. San Jose State look to be on a roll and should take the matchup but I would be surprised if that match didn’t reach game three. ArcZSlash is going to need his carry pants again this week if SJSU looks to pick up a quick win. Much like the former, I would be surprised if FSU and A&M didn’t go all three games and I have a feeling that it could be one of the best matchups thus far in the tournament.

If you want to see some great collegiate League of Legends this weekend be sure to tune in on Saturday and Sunday at Noon PST on Disregard LCS, Acquire Collegiate Knowledge.

By Theresa Gaffney

Fri Apr 25, 2014 1:04 PM

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