The University of Texas at Austin wrecked their way through the regular season and into the playoffs. They handily defeated great teams like Rice University, and Purdue. One major reason for this amazing 10-0 match record is their star player, Zifeng “hellokitty” Wang. We at the CSL managed to sit down with Zifeng to talk about his career as a professional player, student, and  to get his thoughts on UTA’s season thus far.


by Chris Bizzell




In May of 2013 Zifeng became a professional player for the Fnatic Academy. Since then, he has participated in WCS America Season 1’s Premiere League, where he defeated Axiom’s Heart in the Round of 32. While the community never considered Zifeng a top-tier professional player, he is definitely known in the college scene. When asked how his professional career was going, Zifeng said that it has “settled down this semester” due to him focusing on school. Even while “settled down” Zifeng still tries to play at least 3 or 4 days a week. He remarked, however, that “NA Ladder is such a joke, you don’t really need to play much at all.”


On the subject of college life, Zifeng is a fairly typical student. When asked how his studies were going he responded: “It’s just exams and papers.” He mentioned that this was one of his busier semesters because when you get close to finishing, you end up taking all the classes that you didn’t want to take.



When asked how UTA has managed to maintain its perfect record, Zifeng said, “I think we just have a stronger lineup.” He went on to explain that even before the playoffs, their players generally practiced by themselves, but now that they’re in the playoffs they practice together a lot more. Zifeng talked about their games versus the University of New Mexico. He played safe and didn’t underestimate his opponent like he had earlier in the normal season. ZIfeng elaborated on this by saying that in his game against The University of Oklahoma’s 7thAce, he played with a severe hangover. After his gateway expand, Zifeng failed to hold a zergling all-in. He “couldn’t even forcefield because [he] was so hung over.”


Zifeng went on to boast that he is a “man of many builds” and that he cannot be sniped. With that in mind, we asked what UTA’s chances were of making it to the finals. He replied, “if my team doesn’t choke I think we’ll be okay.” He continued, “In the past few years with UT CSL, it’s generally been me pulling through and beating the other teams’ aces.” He said that choking has been a big issue for the team in the past, but this is something they’re definitely working on.


We asked Zifeng if he had anything else to say, and he gave a few shout outs. He gave some to his team, teammates, and their sponsors. He was also sure to include his coordinator, Oobios. But his most entertaining of shout outs had to be “to whoever won their matches this week on his team. It’s pretty important.”



*photos courtesy of Zifeng Wang
NoseKnowsAll over 1 year ago

"great teams like Rice University" I take full credit for this statement. I'll be expecting my letter of praise and free gaming gear in the mail this month. Thank you.

chenwei over 1 year ago

what does he know other than all ins? LOL

Oobios over 1 year ago

drunkkitty worst protoss NA

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