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Week 8: Onward to Playoffs!

We're getting back into the grind, players! Playoff seasons is coming up and we're hyped for all the best games of the season. Check out this recap to keep up with all your favorite teams!

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Takeaways: Junior Varsity Week One Wonders

One week of competition down, many more to come! Roughly 280 Junior Varsity teams took to the Rift over the past few days to kick off the 2018 season. Despite not all games being recorded yet, here is some insight on the league after the opening week.


University of Providence Adds Scholarship Esports Program for 2018-2019 School Year

University of Providence is the latest campus to add their name to the list of varsity esports programs in North America. Read on for more information on this new program.


College LoL Season Preview: What You Need to Know

New year, new collegiate League of Legends game. There have been a lot of changes this offseason, particularly at the top of the order and in the North, so what are some of the biggest stories heading into this year? Julian Cantwell took a look.

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StarCraft II Week 8: Sweeps and Surrenders

The first week of the second group stage is complete! What implications do these matches have for the Collegiate StarCraft League? Read on to find out!

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Nuking into the New Season

The second half of the season is when teams start to solidify their ranks and prove their skills. Even though it's just the first game, every win and loss carries a significant weight from now on. Check out this recap to see how the first week went for these schools.

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