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College LoL Takeaways: Week 5

With only 18 undefeated teams coming into this week, we were blessed with some of the most action-packed matches yet! From this week’s casted matches, we look at who the new kids are atop the West, and who Drake Porter has his eyes on next!


CSGO Roundup: Time to Hit the Books

Crunch time for playoff slots are essentially over. Some teams have sat comfortably in their seats while others barely made the cut as the top 4 of their conference. Don't know who made it? Check this out!


Esports at UGA Issues Statement Regarding Dota 2 Player Ban

On Saturday, Esports at UGA issued a statement regarding the banning of player 'LuckyGirl' from the school's Dota 2 team. You can read the entire statement here.


College LoL Game of the Week Preview: UC Irvine vs University of British Colombia

Week 5 of the College LoL season brings us the biggest match of the West Conference this year: unbeaten University of California - Irvine (4-0) takes on the Canadian powerhouse, University of British Columbia (4-0). Read on for a thorough match preview.


Breaking Down the Numbers: Ranking Undefeated College LoL Teams Statistically

After four weeks of intense Collegiate League of Legends action, only 18 teams across the four primary regions remain undefeated. With playoffs closing in, we look at how these title contenders stack up to each other statistically.

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Cheating is Bad

The ban hammer came down upon University of Georgia for some illegal CSL action, but is it worth it? Definitely not. Check out this article to see how cheating affects the CSL DotA 2 community.

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