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Registration for the CSL's LOL League is LIVE from now through October 6. Prepare for the CLOL season, or sign up your JV1/JV2 team for a shot at $10,000+ in prizes and a trip to the CSL Finals!

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Springing Forwards with Predictions: Dota 2

Dust off that Frostivus, players! Now that everyone is well rested, it's time to shift gears and get back into the battlefield. Who will take it all? Check out Carlo and Charles' predictions and let us know if you agree! Or fight them about it. Your call.


Fall Recap and Spring Predictions

The fall season was an exhilarating time for CSL League of Legends that was full of upsets, new teams rising to the top, and veterans maintaining their positions as exemplary teams.


A Foundation for Success: CSL Fortnite

Fortnite as a collegiate esports category? Who would have thought! Despite the meme-ry surrounding the game of pinatas and shopping carts, we've seen some pretty intense ranking from the participating colleges. Check out the recap to see who might be the first champions.


CS:GO Winter Invitational Predictions

Regardless of snow, 'tis the season for the Winter Invitational! But who will cruise on through to the next round? Check out the predictions and let us know if you agree or want to fight Danny about it.

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RL Spring Season Launched

Collegiate Rocket League returns for a whole season in Spring 2019; registration has closed and the season is launched on the website. Read on for more information on the season details.


Breaking Bread Over Break: RIT and Rutgers

Hope everyone had a great winter break filled with presents, warmth, and resolutions. Rutgers coach Aaron Landry and the RIT team came together to discuss the upcoming season.

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University of Connecticut

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University de Montreal

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CUNY Baruch

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Maryville University

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Rochester Institute of Technology

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University of Waterloo

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Robert Morris University, Chicago

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University of California, Irvine

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