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The CSL Show Host Search is on!

This year we’re airing collegiate esports shows on Fridays, and you could be the personality we’re looking for on one of our new productions. Read on for more about the position and what we're planning to do!


CUNY Baruch - The Final Boss

The legendary Fiven returns for another season, but with a new power addition to the team. With Sam "4sh0t" Mariano added to their roster, it seems like Baruch is already the favored champion this season. If you don't know about Fiven, read Zach's feature and educate yo'self!

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Cultivating Progress: Culver-Stockton College Launches Varsity Esports Program

The golden age of collegiate esports continues to rise and it seems to be centered primarily around the midwest, as another University in the Missouri Valley has announced a Varsity Esports initiative.


Questions Abound in Week 1 CS:GO

First games of the season are over, players! There are plenty of returning champs and new challengers this season, which begs the question: what's gonna happen? Well, we won't know until finals! So stay tuned, updated, and hyped while you check out this recap of Week One.

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Unpredictable Collegiate CS:GO

CS:GO had relatively predictable winners... until recently. It's no longer the West coast party; teams all across the nation have been stepping up to show off their skills. It's hard to make a guess who our next champions will be, but check out this article and take a guess!


CSL 2017-2018 Broadcast Schedule

Broadcasts are returning for the fall season! We’ve simplified our broadcast schedule to help you stay on top of all the games, so read on for more on what's coming up!

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