CSL CS:GO Lower Bracket Ro8 Predictions

This match is a rematch from the Winter Invitational, as both of these teams faced off in the Winter Invitational during the Spring. UBC came out on top with a 2-1 series victory. With the stakes being much higher now, the pressure is much different. UBC has been getting better with every match they play, while UIUC will still have to rely on great games from BokuMboP and xPie to be able to take this one home. In UIUC’s previous match against UCSC, both of these players did not perform well at all. There’s going to be huge pressure to perform against UBC, as UBC definitely has the more well-rounded squad. I’m giving this match to UBC.


This will be an interesting match, but York definitely has the edge in this one. York just came off a super close 0-2 series loss against RMU, and VCU just came off a big victory over MSU. VCU do have the opportunity to upset in this match, but their performance against UIUC in the upper bracket round of 8 showed many signs of weakness. York is definitely stronger than UIUC in almost every department, which is bad news for VCU. I think York takes this match-up and sends last year’s semi-finalists home.


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