CS:GO Returns For The 2019-2020 School Year!

As the new CS:GO season quickly approaches, let’s jump into our time machine and take a look at last year’s finals and our new format for this year.

In the Upper Bracket Finals, UC Santa Cruz prevailed 2:1 over Robert Morris University, who was the favorite to win the tournament, knocking them into the lower bracket.

In the Lower Bracket Finals, York University got their revenge on Robert Morris University from a past match and eliminated them from the tournament with a 2:1 win. 

The Grand Finals pitted York and UCSC in a close match that even included an overtime on Inferno. After all that, York pulled off a 3:2 victory and grabbed themselves a first place win.

A New Season

As for changes this season, all leagues are now FREE with a $50,000 prize pool! We have also moved to a large round-robin format and all regular season matches have been expanded to Bo3. Lastly, the double elimination lower bracket has also been expanded to Bo3.What are you waiting for? Sign up here for a chance to win your slice of $50,000 and leave your mark on CSL history!


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