The Rise and Fall of the SG 553 Meta

For a very long time, the SG 553 lived in the shadow of the AK-47, despite being a better value for the money. Back in my early days of CS:GO, people would always question my decision to buy the SG when the AK was a “better” alternative.

Then something changed. As far back as June, according to CS:GO stats website Stay In Pit, the SG started to gain some traction with the pros. At the ECS7 Finals, the SG 553 was purchased more often than both the AWP and M4A4, with the AUG still reigning over it.

This trend continued for a while, but the gap was getting smaller and smaller between the two scoped rifles. It continued to shrink until day 1 of ESL One Cologne in July, when the SG was bought more than twice the number of times than the AUG. At the end of ESL One Cologne, the SG continued to reign supreme over the AUG and the AWP, with only the AK-47 and M4A4 taking spots above it.

The reign of the SG continued with no signs of stopping. At the Berlin Major, the purchase numbers of the SG were more than triple of that of the AUG, with 1880 SG purchases vs 490 AUG purchases.

Fast-forward to StarSeries Season 8 in October of this year, and SG purchases surpassed those of the AK-47 by 103! At Blast Pro Series Copenhagen and IEM Beijing 2019, both of which took place this month, pro players bought more SGs than AK-47s and M4A4s. This insane growth in popularity led to some pros asking Valve to nerf the SG and make the AK-47 a viable purchase again, as the price and statistical disparities made the SG a more worthwhile purchase than the AK.


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