CS:GO Pre-Grand Finals Check-In

If there was a COVID-19 vs CS:GO tournament, CS:GO would have won. That’s right, everyone: CS:GO is back after a two-month hiatus! Valorant? Never heard of it.

It’s been a while, so let’s take a quick look at what has been happening since COVID-19 took over the world. The University of California, Santa Cruz had just beaten York University 2-1 and swiped the first-place crown from the team that has been a dominant force all season in the process. But they didn't stop there! Immediately after that, they also defeated the University of Central Florida 2-1, landing themselves at the top of the Upper Bracket. In other words, they came in clutch at the end of the season and left York in the 2nd-place dust.

Let’s take the stairs down to the lower bracket. Since UFC lost in the last match of the upper bracket to UCSC, they are awaiting their competitor at the top of the lower bracket. Right behind them, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Illinois Orange) and York University have also fallen from the upper bracket and are waiting for their challengers. Here are some fun match-ups to keep an eye out for:

Robert Morris University - Illinois vs University of Alabama Crimson - RMU has been moving between 3rd and 4th place all semester, so it will be interesting to see where they finally end up.

Carleton University vs Virginia Commonwealth University - Virginia took 6th place from Carleton University during the regular season, so think of this match as a comeback opportunity for Carleton.

York vs ...Someone - Since York was in first place almost all season, whoever goes against them is going to have a hell of a challenge on their hands. And since they lost the top spot, York is going to have to proove how they got there in the first place.

Kennesaw State University vs Ashland University - The team that wins this matchup will face the winner of Robert Morris vs Alabama, and that winner will take on York, so I’m excited to watch this one. In my opinion, I think we’ll see a Robert Morris vs Ashland University, with Ashland coming out as the winner and eventually facing off against York.


Matches have been played, tears have been cried, and we finally have our two teams that will face each other in the Grand Finals. Before we get to the matches themselves, let’s take a look at how the teams above fared and if my predictions are worth anything whatsoever.

Robert Morris University - Illinois - Robert Morris must have read my article, because they went on an absolute rampage. Not only did they defeat Alabama, but they also took down Kennesaw State, Virginia Commonwealth and EVEN YORK! (YORK, NO, YOU WERE ON TOP ALL SEMESTER! WHAT HAPPENED?!) RMU made it all the way to the lower bracket finals, where they put up a fight but were defeated by UCF Knights. Nice job RMU--bring the heat into next semester and we’ll have some rad matchups.

Carleton University vs Virginia Commonwealth University - Well, Carleton didn’t exactly get the comeback they wanted against Virginia; instead, they lost 0-2. Virginia, on the other hand, slam-dunked on the University of Texas at Dallas and Illinois Orange before getting their ship sunk by RMU. In my opinion, Carleton had a good run overall.

York vs Someone - York had a good run, but it seems they lost some steam coming into the finals. They still had a fantastic semester, and I hope they bring the same energy to next semester. We’ll be happy to have them back.

Kennesaw State University vs Ashland University - Here’s a prime example of why my predictions suck. Earlier, I said ,“We’ll see a Robert Morris vs Ashland University, with Ashland coming out as the winner and eventually facing off against York.” What actually happened is that Kennesaw beat Ashland and RMU beat Kennesaw. Close enough, right?

For the finals, a funny thing happened. UC Santa Cruz defeated the UCF Knights to land themselves a spot in the Grand Finals, which knocked UCF down into the lower bracket finals. There, they defeated RMU 2-1 and took the other spot in the Grand Finals, where they will be facing the team that first defeated them. Think of it as a match against newfound rivals, which only makes it that much more exciting to watch.


Who’s going to win? Don’t ask me, I’m not good at these. Instead, tune in to the Grand Finals on May 31st starting at 1:30 p.m. PST on our Twitch channel. Hope to see you there!


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