CS:GO Roundup: It's Getting Hot in Here

While the rest of the world is sitting next to their cozy fireplaces to watch figure skating, curling, and hockey competitions at the Winter Olympics, I’m sitting here naked because CSL CS:GO is on FIRE. Matches seem to be getting more tightly contested as the season goes on, and I can only assume it is because all of these teams are starting to pin down their team dynamics and catching on to the flow of high level play.

First up, Rutgers vs. Cal Poly Pomono. The first half was back and forth action as one team would pick up three rounds just to see the other team rally back with three of their own, but Rutgers took complete control once they were on T-side. Hide your boxcutters from these guys, they looked like monsters. 7 straight rounds in a row helped them push to a 16-10 victory.

Georgia vs. Kentucky -- just one of the many high-stakes matches played in Week 12.

Speaking of 16-10 victories, University of Colorado, Boulder Black extended their undefeated D2 Spring season by taking down Queen’s University. Both the A and B teams in Colorado are in lock-step when it comes to dominating their respective divisions. We placed Boulder at number 4 in our last power rankings and the school’s division 2 team doesn’t want to be left out on the hype.

Speaking of 16-10… yes, I know, there were a lot of 16-10 matches this past week. Longtime CSL competitors, the Tritons of University of California, San Diego, can just not catch a break this Spring in Division 2. They faced University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, and looked like they were well on their way to victory after a solid 9-6 first half. They won the pistol round to start the second and then… nothing. Ten straight rounds saw North Carolina not just comeback, but absolutely demolish the Tritons. The Pentagon will surely be paging this squad after such an impressive Counter-Terrorist showing.

Back to regularly scheduled programming, University of British Columbia keeps winning. But it’s not just the winning that’s impressive, it’s who they are winning against. Universite de Montreal, the Mean Green University of Texas, and now Georgia Tech Gold.  None of these teams are slouches, but UBC is showing that they are a cut above the rest.

UCSD D2 is charging forward. Check up on the standings here.

To finish off this week’s highlights, there was an absolute madness game of CS:GO played between University of California, Irvine and University of Washington. Meeting on Mirage, it appears that both these teams watched way too many episodes of 24, because their CT side was on lockdown. Both teams only gave up two rounds in their respective CT halves and it forced the game into OT. Once OT started, UCI was able to crack the code and pulled out a 2-1 T-side to put Washington on their heels. From there, 2 CT victories meant UCI will still have to wait to suffer their first loss this Spring. With so much CT domination, it feels wrong calling this match a blast… but it was.

What a week, and there’s still more to come!

Now go cool off with some Bobsledding, I’ll be rooting for Jamaica.


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