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State University of New York – Binghamton Players Banned

State University of New York – Binghamton Division 1 CSGO team Jack’s Money Crew's players "Faylanks""ShubertN""aware""Blooper", and "artinny0" have been issued an official disqualification after a thorough review by CSL, with assistance from CEVO.

After receiving evidence sent by the University of California – San Diego’s team, Triton Gaming CS, regarding potential account sharing between Faylanks and a player not on their CSL team (someone their coordinator plays with on ESEA named “Cam”), we contacted the SUNY Binghamton team, Jack’s Money Crew. Their coordinator swiftly denied any account sharing and any other cheating regarding that player or the team in general. They additionally defended themselves, stating that the accused account sharer is not from their school and is an online friend who recently helped them practice for long hours and specifically coaching Faylanks to adopt his own play style, which according to them, accounts for any change in play style and his significant skill level improvement recently.

During our investigation, both sides presented well organized, compelling arguments, however there were some suspicious inconsistencies leading us to look into the situation deeper. After finishing our own review, we contacted CEVO, who we have had a partnership for the past two years, to investigate the matter on their side. With CEVO’s assistance, we confirmed through both the server logs and CEVO anti-cheat client that the accused account sharer, Cam not only played with the coordinator, aware, on ESEA, but on CEVO as well.

Through that account, we were able to discern from the internal data that the IP address used in the match against UC San Diego was not only Florida-based instead of New York, but that it matched the IP address Cam’s CEVO account has been using all along. This information, along other internal data, confirms that he both checked in on the CEVO client and played the match against UC San Diego under the guise of Faylanks’s account. Additional investigation by CEVO revealed that account sharing also occured in SUNY Binghamton's prior match against Virginia Commonwealth University. There is also evidence that the same Florida-based IP address was used to log into ShubertN's account on prior occassions during the playoffs, but we were not able to 100% confirm account sharing in any prior matches. 


Due to the compelling evidence and CEVO confirmation, and taking into account that this is not a simple case of a single person’s error, but involves the majority of the team members this far into the playoffs, the following penalties will be incurred:

UC San Diego will play a make-up match against Virginia Commonwealth University to determine who will advance to our live final event in Huntington Beach, as the Ro8 and Ro16 matches had account sharing confirmed conclusively.

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aware needs cam to carry him in csl too? jeez.

12 months ago


AHAHAAHHAAAHAHAHAAA I'm giving the reasoning behind it. There is no excuse. But it's weird how VCU just accepted my apology and didn't run around screaming for our execution. Meanwhile you got destroyed because we brought in one replacement player, either Cam should go pro or you should all uninstall.

12 months ago


That's a fat oooof

11 months ago

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