CS:GO Kicks Off - Week 1 Regional Rankings


South 4

University of Central Florida

Blue Sky, Chilled_Dan, Char, meso-, jjg, ShohnJ

With Blue Sky and Chilled_Dan having played ESEA-Main, UCF looks even stronger with the addition of Char. Char has played multiple seasons of ESEA-MDL and this acquisition definitely places UCF in the top spot in this region.  

East Carolina University

FenixSoars, prasada17, ImTristen, Ep1c115m Tosc

Although not much is known competitively about these players, they managed to pull off the only 16-0 victory this week against Full Sail University. We’ll have to see how they stack up as the season progresses.  

North Carolina State University

Don Ross, StylerJ, MtB_, Craw_Sb9, ScrappyGG, Brokas

Led by Don Ross since the NCeSPA days, this squad has been competing in the collegiate scene for a long time. Despite getting a forfeit loss this week, I expect them to do well in this group.


South 3

Virginia Commonwealth University

Chaz, Akathevirus, blurray, CEGUSVTW, Lep

Having placed in the top 4 last year, expectations are high for this team. Despite a roster change with LUHAR stepping out, and Lep being the new 5th for this lineup, they looked super sharp as they took down Virginia Tech in a 16-4 scoreline. They are one of the only collegiate teams that compete in ESEA-Main; they currently holding a 5-3 record in that league.  

Virginia Tech

Remnant, Frozenzz, K0ren, niise, Ellis

This team placed in the top 8 last year, losing only to one of the finalists, Robert Morris University. They have been able to retain the same five from last year, so I’m expecting big things from them moving forward. Despite their loss against VCU, I expect these guys to win the rest of their matches.

George Mason University

philip1597, The_Conman, WantedHyena, minii-, Migz10

After a lackluster result last year, this team aims to make an impact this year. One of their newest pickups, The_Conman, has competed in ESEA-Main and should help them improve moving forward. In addition, philip1597 and WantedHyena have both played ESEA-Intermediate.  They’re looking more solid than before, as they were able to win a decisive 16-2 victory over Liberty University. 


South 2

Georgia State University

SwahN, Shakezullah, Adil, SkrubWrecker, FritoBandito

This team is stacked this year. SwahN and Shakezulluh currently compete on the same ESEA-Advanced team (with a record of 7-0), along with Adil who has played multiple seasons of the ESEA-MDL. Additionally, SkrubWrecker and FritoBandito have also competed in ESEA-Main.  

Kennesaw State University

GUADELUPE, Scottiyio, Sceebo, losttt-, aux, nitsuA

With some talent from last season, like GUADELUPE and Sceebo, KSU is looking even better with the addition of Scottiyio, losttt-, and nitsuA. Scottiyio currently competes in ESEA-Advanced, and nitsuA has competed in ESEA-Main before. KSU has been practicing together, so I’m expecting big things from this squad. They’re already looking sharp with a very convincing 16-4 victory over Georgia Tech.

Georgia Tech

chrisN, d4nny, LUCAS, Pie-on, sfp

This school has competed since the beginning of collegiate CSGO. Despite losing badly to Kennesaw State, they have players who have competed in ESEA-Intermediate that will put up a good fight against most other teams in their group. Their group does have many other talented teams, so I’m excited to see what Georgia Tech can do.


South 1

University of Houston

Panzor, Coolkids, cutefatboy, firechuong, thony, dooran

This entire team competes together in ESEA-Main and has been putting in time together. cutefatboy returns to the lineup after a year-long hiatus and relinks with the returning members from last year.  

University of Texas at Austin

kevinw0w, DayBeh, skipspro, astrophysiic, xpewster, acem-

This team is comprised of a mix of ESEA-Main and ESEA-Intermediate players who have been in the collegiate scene for the last few years. They had a great week 1 against Texas A&M University, winning by a solid scoreline of 16-9.  

Texas A&M University

Gh0st-, HEROXOR, malF, spher, [email protected]

This team generally flies under the radar in the collegiate scene, but they always show their strength later in the season. The most notable name on this team is Gh0st-, who has competed in the ESEA-MDL for a number of seasons. He is also backed up by malF and HEROXOR, who have had experience in ESEA-Main and ESEA-Intermediate respectively. Fun fact: Four of the five players on this team played in a show-match at the ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals in Dallas.


Midwest 4

Ohio State University

G4CShooter, MinecraftLover69, Knowa, weat, 1Crisis

Multiple players have competed in ESEA-Main before. This year will be their first year without tezr0, but I’m sure expectations are still high for this team. Fun fact: This team will be competing for a finalist spot at the IEM Chicago Collegiate Invitational (http://www.dust2.us/News/2132-iem-chicago-to-host-collegiate-invitational-grand-finals)

Ashland University

Zeusmeister, Mas0n-, HoHo2k, TheeKvon, Harlound

A new team in the collegiate scene led by Zeusmeister and Mas0n-, who have competed in ESEA-Advanced and ESEA-Main respectively. This team has also been practicing together, which is always great to see for a new team in the scene. They were able to have a convincing result against Tiffin University, winning 16-6.

University of Akron

Potatowolf, CJ4Days, UAJman, spr^C, lept0

Another new team in the collegiate scene that has been putting in the time. This team competes together in ESEA-Open, sporting a 9-1 record in that league. They were also able to fend off CWRU in their first match easily with a score of 16-2. I’m looking forward to seeing this team improve as the weeks go on.


Midwest 3

Michigan State University

InputeZ, AZNN, aidan-, zeeker-, aaronsfury

A completely revamped team from last year, with no returning members. This new roster is currently competing in ESEA-Open (with the exception of InputeZ), and they currently hold a 7-2 record in that league. They were able to take down University of Michigan, Ann Arbor with a scoreline of 16-10. 

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Prophet, devinkosi, On_Cue, Shoodyman, Buddha

This is a new team to the collegiate scene. They have been practicing together here and there, and they’ll be looking for Prophet to perform, as he has competed in ESEA-Main before.  

Purdue University

AhaiBeast, Rekii, ussiee, song435, YHMINNN

This squad has been practicing hard together, and they are definitely the underdog in this group. Although none of these players have any substantial competitive experience, I believe their practice will pay off and elevate them over other teams in this group.


Midwest 2

Robert Morris University

SPERMY, LenNox, Welshy, Reality, koga

The runner-up from last year’s finals, losing to Baruch College.  Despite having a stacked roster last year, they’ve upgraded even further with the addition of koga now that AwoL has graduated. SPERMY, LenNox, and koga have all competed in ESEA-MDL, and Welshy and Reality have competed in ESEA-Advanced. And if that wasn’t enough, this entire team plays in the ESEA-Advanced division. There is no shortage of practice on this team, and they’re definitely one of the big favourites to win it all this year. Fun fact: This team will be competing for a finalist spot at the IEM Chicago Collegiate Invitational (http://www.dust2.us/News/2132-iem-chicago-to-host-collegiate-invitational-grand-finals)

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

xPie, BokuMboP, freinzy, Occam, Younglefe

xPie and BokuMboP are the only returning members from last year. With their new pick-ups freinzy, Occam, and Younglefe, I believe they still have what it takes to be one of the top teams in the league. This entire team (with the exception of BokuMboP) competes in ESEA-Intermediate, holding a record of 5-4. Fun fact: This team will be competing for a finalist spot at the IEM Chicago Collegiate Invitational (http://www.dust2.us/News/2132-iem-chicago-to-host-collegiate-invitational-grand-finals)

University of Kentucky

Kosonati, Vyatt, xiety, niceguy, -apL, D1ddy

The core of Kosonati, niceguy-, and Vyatt return for another year. The addition of xiety and Diddy^ should give their team a bit of a lift from last year, as xiety has experience competing in ESEA-Main. They’ve been practicing, and it showed in their 16-9 victory over SIUE.


Midwest 1

Kansas State University

Pure_Penguinz, r0b^, LimpEyelid, -Tai, Gekuu

Pure_Penguinz and crew look to improve on their results from last year. Composed mostly of ESEA-Intermediate players, this team should have a good hold on the top spot in this group.

Maryville University

ttocSickk, -AM-, -JJS-, -Cal-, PrincessAiri

TtocSickk, -AM-, and -JJS- return for another year of collegiate CSGO.  A notable name missing on this team is SodiumSquared, but they have been able to acquire -Cal-, who also competes on the same ESEA-Intermediate team as ttocSickk and -AM-.  -Cal- has competed in ESEA-Main before.

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Synk, JGamby, _ReX, Zempo, Milk

A team with mostly no competitive experience, except for one: Synk, who has competed in ESEA-Main. This team has practiced a little bit together, and most notably they were able to take down UW Madison in a nail-biting 16-14 game, thanks to Synk’s 39-20 performance.


East 3

Rochester Institute of Technology

Zxav, Feral, Talen, beefoak, Haruka

The core of this roster competed in AVGL last year. Composed of ESEA-Main and Intermediate players, I believe this team should be matching up well to the rest of their group. Despite their group having two-time champion Baruch College; it does not appear that same championship team is playing this year.

Mississippi State University

Mango^, MEDC, ar_X, JTandT, cob23

A mix of ESEA-Main, Intermediate, and Open players make up this team’s entry in the collegiate scene. Although they do not appear to practice together, they took down Baruch College (albeit with a very different roster from their championship roster) convincingly by a score of 16-4.

Baruch College

Yudickmeister, Chubbies, b1k, Plide, Cilantr0, Toy, 4sh0t

This roster doesn’t seem to be the same Baruch College that was able to win the CSL two years in a row. Toy, food, and 4sh0t were the known heavy hitters last year. food is no longer on the roster. Despite Toy and 4sh0t still being on the roster, only Yudickmeister was present in their match against Mississippi State University.


East 2

Pennsylvania State University

swiTch, scav-, TheSoaringEagle, 1Raime, Tempestatum

This entire roster competes in the ESEA-Intermediate league, currently holding a record of 4-5. TheSoaringEagle and 1Raime are new members to the team from last year. Penn State was able to start strong as they had a big 16-8 win over the University of Pittsburgh; which had a couple ESEA-Main/Intermediate players.

University of Maryland

Nuked, Shuume, collob, Mackrc,yuuuuu, gustavdagamer

A team composed of a mix of ESEA-Main and ESEA-Intermediate players. The addition of gustav and Mackrc should add a boost of experience and skill to their lineup. Their week 1 match is a testament to their skill as they were able to beat West Virginia University while playing 4v5.

University of Pittsburgh

magister-, atiredotter, stanleyzq, bazooka, blaZikeN_

This team is completely new to the collegiate CSGO scene. Led by magister, a player who has experience in ESEA-Main, this team has potential to make a splash in the scene.


East 1

Northeastern University

schanzii, Valyns, -Hail, Monster^^, Lou_Spudhole

This school competed in the Junior Varsity (Division 2) league of CSL last year, and it’s great to see them make the jump to Varsity this year. This team also competes in ESEA-Intermediate together, holding a 5-3 record currently. As long as they continue to practice together, I’m expecting big things from this team. They’ve shown some of their potential already in their 16-8 victory over Umass Amherst.

University of Connecticut

Lightyy, ray__, splix, aliD, Sonny Side Up

This entire team also competes in ESEA-Intermediate, holding a record of 3-5. Splix is the newest addition to the team, as he brings a few seasons of ESEA-Intermediate under his belt. This team has been practicing a fair amount, so they should be solid moving forward.

UMass Amherst

0Celerity, MockPlays, big rick dichie, Aazam, cshopps

In their second year in the CSL, the core of Celerity, big rick dichie, and Aazam look to improve on their results from last year. Their new pickups in MockPlays and cshopps should give them the boost that they need, as the two of them have experience competing in ESEA-Main and ESEA-Intermediate respectively.


North 2

Universite de Montreal

3psilon, ^Sage, HHqZz, solbo, kaDachi

The core of 3psilon, ^Sage, and HHqZz have been together since CSL’s first season (2015-2016) of collegiate CSGO, where they made it to the grand finals but lost to San Jose State University. They’ll be looking to get back on the stage as they’ve haven’t been able to get past the round of 32 in the last two years. I still have a lot of faith in these guys, as the core three have played ESEA-Main before.

University of Ottawa

qingLong, barluuu, Farza, Chocolate Monster, ckz-

This team took a hiatus last year after making top 8 in the 2016-2017 season. The only returning member is qingLong from that team. The rest of the new Ottawa roster all have ESEA-Open experience. Although inexperienced compared to many of the other teams listed here, they have shown good form in their first win over Queen’s University by a score of 16-12.

Sheridan College

Ex23, manual13, Scen1c, VERYRARE, Pync

They competed last year with very subpar results, but the roster this year seems to be taking it much more seriously. These guys practice a lot together, and although they don’t appear to have much previous competitive experience, I’m definitely expecting a huge improvement over their results from last year.


North 1

York University

Skelly, denya, kxn-, tennLs, Kyro

This team is a top contender for the title this year. With the core of Skelly, tennLs, and Kyro winning AVGL last year, they also have experience competing in ESEA-Advanced, ESEA-MDL, and ESEA-Main respectively. Denya has competed in the ESEA-MDL division before, and kxn- has played multiple seasons of ESEA-Open.

St. Clair College

Sherrzzay, crackshot-, Concon, Eiwala, NUTella

The only Canadian university to have esports scholarships competing in CSGO this year. This will be the second year of their school competing in CSGO. With the addition of former CSL caster/writer crackshot-, they’ll be hoping to improve their results from last year where they fell in the round of 32.  These guys keep getting better and better, and with a closer-than-expected 16-10 loss to York University, I think things are looking promising.

Ryerson University


N3XT and MASOR are met with new faces on this rehauled Ryerson squad.  N3XT has played in the ESEA-MDL division, and MASOR has played in ESEA-Main.  Among their new pickups, CINDER^ has competed in ESEA-Intermediate before, while the other two do not have much competitive experience. It’ll be up to Sakoori to motivate the squad to put their best foot forward.


West 3

University of British Columbia

strata, hero-, mAD, Impetuous, ZerO_0

With the departure of MDL player richie and known pugger TristN, UBC has picked up mAD and promoted ZerO_0 to the starting lineup. mAD has competed in ESEA-Main and ZerO_0 currently competes in ESEA-Intermediate. hero- competed in the ESEA-MDL division very recently, and strata and Impetuous have competed together on UBC since 2016. 

San Jose State University

Jeremyyy, raeB, omniscient, cocoabuttuh, freaL

Although far from the roster that SJSU had in 2015-2016 which dominated the entire collegiate CS:GO scene, this team is still looking very promising. With every player having played ESEA-Intermediate, and omniscient playing ESEA-Main, they should still measure up very well to the other teams in this group. 

Simon Fraser University

yasa, Norms, JM, hasta, MatrixOne, oJus, jaaychung

With the inclusion of yasa, Norms, and JM on this roster this year, it’ll be interesting to see how far SFU will go. Yasa has competed in ESEA-Main before and Norms has competed in multiple seasons of ESEA-Intermediate. JM has shown lots of potential as a player, but it’ll be a matter of how the 4th and 5th fit on this team that will really dictate their success as a team.


West 2

University of California

-RoYaL, cullican, Reecha, jemzu, aegis

San Diego: Only the core of -RoYaL, cullican, and Reecha remain on the team that made it to the top 8 last year. With the departure of schooled and iHiro, the team look to aegis and jemzu to fill. Aegis has competed in ESEA-Intermediate while jemzu has competed in ESEA-Open. Each of the core three have played ESEA-Main before, with -RoYaL and cullican currently playing in the division. 

University of California

MazaParaza, moopey, Fury2g, DRVGON, shike

Santa Cruz: Four of the five members from last year’s team make a return this year. MazaParaza competes in ESEA-Intermediate, while moopey and DRVGON compete in ESEA-Main. Fury2g also competed in ESEA-Intermediate before. With this roster and the practice they’re putting in as a team, I believe UC Santa Cruz can contend with UC San Diego for the top spot.

University of California: Riverside

-intense, Poonshi, OkayKris, Feigned, Dante

This entire team competes in the ESEA-Intermediate division (with the exception of Feigned). UC Riverside came into the scene last year and impressed me with their top 8 run in the playoffs. With two new pickups, it’ll be up to -intense to figure out how to make everything work even better than it did last year.


West 1

University of Colorado

SolGoat, Katsurou, Aceflyin, nosraC-, iLLijah, FlakesLmao

Boulder: SolGoat and FlakesLmao are the only returning members on this team from last year, where they made it to the round of 32 and lost narrowly to UCLA. However their pickups are looking very strong. nosraC- and iLLijah have both played ESEA-Main before, and Katsurou and Aceflyin have played in ESEA-Intermediate. This team also placed 1st in the Java Collegiate LAN last September.   

University of Arizona

Corbin-hax-, Sattellite, Bennyquan, sportz, ^Retro

Corbin-hax-, Sattellite, Bennyquan, and ^Retro make yet another appearance this year after being eliminated in the round of 32 last year by RMU. On this team, Corbin-hax- has played in ESEA-Advanced, and Sattellite and ^Retro have played in ESEA-Intermediate. Bennyquan and their newest addition sportz, have played in ESEA-Open. This team has been actively practicing and have shown good results in their practice.  

Colorado School of Mines

Chonnyyy, trevorK, bsauce1, huntertheclutch, Pozer

This is the first year of Varsity for this school, as they have competed in Junior Varsity (Division 2) for the past two years. Chonnyyy is the only one with competitive experience in ESEA, as he has played Intermediate before. So far, they’ve played University of Arizona and had a narrow loss of 16-14. I think this is a sign of good things to come for this team as they’re still very new to the scene.


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