CS:GO Week 5 Power Rankings

We are now on week 5! Are you wondering what the scene looks like? This is the current state of CS:GO for Collegiate Starleague; come cheer on your teams!

Robert Morris University

FFW vs DePaul University
FFW vs Augustana College
16-2 vs Tennessee Technological University
16-3 vs North Kentucky University

Robert Morris University has the most firepower the collegiate scene has seen to date. With two players having competed in the ESEA-MDL, and three players having competed in ESEA-Advanced, they have the most experience out of any other team in the league. On top of all of this experience, this whole team plays together in ESEA-Advanced, sporting a record of 12-4.  Fun fact: Robert Morris University played a showmatch at IEM Chicago for the Collegiate Invitational, where they beat University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Georgia State University

16-4 vs Georgia Southern University
16-5 vs University of Alabama Crimson
16-6 vs Georgia Tech
FFW vs University of North Georgia
FFL vs Auburn University

Georgia State University has brought in two new players this year, Shakezullah and ADIL, and they're the best players they could have picked up. With both players having played multiple seasons of the ESEA-MDL, this team is looking dangerous. Shakezulluh and SwahN both currently play on the same ESEA-Advanced team, where their team finished the season 14-2. SkrubWrecker and FritoBandito have both played ESEA-Main before, this team should cruise through the season with ease.

York University

16-10 vs St. Clair College
16-0 vs University of Waterloo
16-4 vs McMaster University
FFL vs CU Ravens

York University was the AVGL 2018 champions last year, where they took down RMU 3-2 in a best of 5 series.  Although only 3 players from that winning roster remain (Skelly, Kyro, and tennLs), this team still looks dangerous. Denya has competed in the ESEA-MDL and was also part of the University of Toronto team last year that nearly took down 2x champions Baruch College in the round of 16. Can they replicate last year's success in the CSL this year? Time will tell.

Virginia Commonwealth University

16-5 vs Virginia Tech
16-1 vs Liberty University
16-7 vs Old Dominion University
FFW vs University of South Carolina
16-12 Georgia Mason University

Virginia Commonwealth University placed in the top 4 last year, where they fell to Robert Morris University in the semi-finals. Their roster is almost identical to last year's roster, with the exception of Lep stepping in for LUHAR. This team also competes in ESEA-Main where they hold a 11-5 record. They've been improving a lot together and look to make another big run this year.

University of Central Florida

16-9 vs Appalachian State University
16-0 vs Saint Petersburg College
16-1 vs Full Sail University
16-7 vs East Carolina University

University of Central Florida was knocked out in the round of 16 last year to Baruch College. The roster is revamped this year with the addition of Char, jjg, and meso.  Char played multiple seasons of ESEA-MDL, while jjg and meso have played ESEA-Intermediate.The returning members, Bluesky and Chilled_Dan, have played ESEA-Main before. UCF is packing a lot more firepower this year, and they should easily cruise through the regular season.

University of California, Santa Cruz

16-7 vs University of California, Berkeley
22-18 vs University of California, Irvine
FFW vs University of Washington
16-8 vs University of California, Riverside

University of Santa Cruz placed in the top 16 last year, losing to UC San Diego; but they also placed top 4 in the AVGL CS:GO league. Four of the players from last year are still on this squad, with shike rounding out the roster. Although shike does not have any formal competitive experience in ESEA, he's putting up numbers and making this squad work.

University of California, San Diego

16-2 vs Washington State University
16-1 vs University of California, Berkeley
16-5 vs University of California, Irvine
16-7 vs University of Washington
16-12 vs University of California, Riverside

University of California San Diego placed in the top 8 last year, losing to Virginia Commonwealth University. With the departure of Schooled and iHiro, aegis and phuckily are called upon to fill their shoes. The core of Reecha, cullican, and royalG still remain, and they have been relatively active playing in this season of ESEA-Main together.

Kennesaw State University

16-2 vs Georgia Tech
16-5 vs University of North Georgia
16-5 vs Auburn University
16-11 vs University of Georgia
16-7 vs University of Alabama

Kennesaw State University makes their transition to Varsity after playing in Junior Varsity (and making the grand finals no less) last year. With only GUADELUPE and Sceebo remaining from last year, Kennesaw State picked up three new players: scottiyio, lost- and nitsuA.  lost- and nitsuA have competed in ESEA-Intermediate, while scottiyio has competed in ESEA-Advanced. This team practices together regularly, and I believe with more work they could be a great contender for the top.

Rochester Institute of Technology

16-4 vs Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
16-5 vs University of Rochester
16-1 vs New York University
16-7 vs Mississippi State University

Rochester Institute of Technology finds their way in to the top 10 with a mostly revamped roster compared to last year. The interesting thing about this particular RIT roster is that four of five of them have already played together in the AVGL CS:GO league where they placed in the top 8, losing to York (the eventual champions). It seems that most of these players have their own individual ESEA teams, but if they can start practicing more together, I think they can do some real damage in this league.

University of Akron

16-2 vs Case Western Reserve University
16-2 vs Ashland University
16-1 vs Kent State University
16-11 vs Ohio State University
16-2 vs Tiffin University

University of Akron rounds out the 10th spot in their first year of collegiate CS:GO.  This entire team competes in ESEA-Open, where they finished the regular season with a 14-2 record.  Although they don't have any players who would be considered heavy hitters in the scene, they've been practicing a lot and are on the rise. There are many other teams that could be in the 10th spot instead, but I feel this team has the most potential for growth currently.


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