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Virginia Commonwealth University Players Banned

Virginia Commonwealth University Varsity CS:GO team (CSL) [CEVO] players "Lep" (CSL) [CEVO] and "Luhar" (CSL) [CEVO] have been issued an official disqualification after a thorough review by CSL.

After receiving an accusation and the evidence from their opponent, George Mason University's team, GMU CS (CSL)  [CEVO], regarding a possible account sharing/illegal player issue, we contacted the Virginia Commonwealth University team (CSL) [CEVO]. Upon being approached with the accusation and evidence, the Virginia Commonwealth Coordinator, Charles Rooney "Croony36" // "Chazcoco", admitted to "Luhar" playing on the account belonging to "Lep" for the match against GMU, as they were under the mistaken impression that they could not add more players to the roster without an extra charge and believed that they were not breaking any rules due to utilizing an eligible player that was on their roster, "Luhar".

In order to verify no further illegal or ineligible players, as outlined in the rules, were utilized, we requested the applicable player verification documents from the Virginia Commonwealth team, however it was found that "Luhar" is not in good standing and therefore an ineligible player under the CSL player eligibility rules.


While taking their misunderstanding into account, due to account sharing with an ineligible player, the following penalties will be incurred:

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