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RIT: Moving Forward and Moving Up

Rochester Institute of Technology has made quite a name for their school over the last few semesters of CSL. But what are the champions going through now at the near-end of this year? Check this exclusive feature to get some insight on last year's champions.

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New UBC, Same Goal

Prior to the reign of Rochester Institute of Technology, University of British Columbia wore the collegiate crown. UBC has achieved a spot in the playoffs, but their climb to reclaim their crown is being accomplished by an entirely new squad.


CSL SFV Tournament Details

CSL has partnered with Capcom to host eight Street Fighter 5 tournaments across college campuses this Spring, as we gear up for a full circuit starting next Fall. Read for more information on the events and how to sign up

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CSL Dota 2: Round of 8 Playoffs Predictions

The round of 8 is upon us, and it is time we look at the games to come. Who will win the matches of the upper bracket? Check out Charles's predictions and see what you think.


CSL Dota 2 Team-ups: The Key to Success

Dota 2 is a very demanding game: emotionally, mentally, - heck - even physically. So how do players manage their optimal plays in game? Check out this article to get the inside look of how CSL teams make sure they have their A-game.


CSL Dota 2 Power Rankings

With the end of the shortest month of the year comes a short update on the top ranking teams so far. There are bound to be some upsets and underdog victories, but these teams seem pretty comfortable where they are. Will these team stay true to their ranks?

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University of British Columbia

2500 3

University of toronto

1600 3

University of Connecticut

1500 3

University de Montreal

1400 3

CUNY Baruch

1200 3

Maryville University

1200 3

Rochester Institute of Technology

1150 3

University of Waterloo

1050 3

Robert Morris University, Chicago

1000 3

University of California, Irvine

1000 3
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