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Fighting Games and Cabin Fever

The arrival of quarantine has put a great damper on a lot of parts of the lives of many with the cancellation of FGC and Smash events everywhere, but there is actually a lot that one could be getting done even during such a trying time.

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Waterloo's Team Development in Dota 2

Waterloo’s success this year in Dota 2 was earned through hours of practice to grow as a team, but surprisingly, this championship team only recently met in real life. Find out how UW developed their relationships and earned their success.

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The Collegiate Esports Athlete's Guide to Health & Quarantine Sanity

Quarantine seems imminent, but CSL won’t slow down! Take a look at this guide to make sure you know the build order for a healthy lifestyle and the combos to battle COVID-19.

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Dota 2 Playoffs Recap: Surprises Galore

The Dota 2 playoffs only began two weeks ago, but we’re already rapidly approaching their conclusion! Four teams have punched their tickets to the upper bracket semifinals, and eight more teams in the lower bracket are ready for the next round. Read more here!

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CSL Grand Finals 2020

CSL Grand Finals for the 2019-2020 season is rapidly approaching! Find out more information and get ready to see who will be crowned the grand champions for CSL!

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Dota 2: What It Means To Be A Team

We asked the top Dota 2 teams of the season about how they achieved success and grew as a team to earn a spot in the playoffs. Take a look at all that players have accomplished in order to fight for their chance at the grand prize as we highlight contenders for CSL Grand Finals.

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