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Rutgers vs. University of Maryland College Park: Draft Analysis

Have you ever wondered why a team drafts or bans certain heroes and why they draft them in the order they do? I sat down with 3 teams and had them analyze the drafts for the series between Rutgers University and University of Maryland College Park!

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Get ready for Street Fighter V at Player Omega

Get your fight sticks ready because we're bringing collegiate Street Fighter V to Player Omega in Pomona, California on November 10th! Sign up today to compete and claim the prizes up for grabs!

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CSL 2019-2020 Staff Applications Open

We have a few admin positions open for the 2019-2020 CSL season! If you're passionate about all things collegiate esports and want to get your foot in the door working in esports, this is a great opportunity to learn and grow!

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Dota 2 Recap, Week 1: Fresh Meat

The Dota 2 season is off to a running start! Which regions will dominate in this year's tournament? Get our thoughts on the first week of play and more upcoming matches right here.

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A Look into Diego "Stormsoldat" Corea's Esports Career

See Stormsoldat's esports journey from hating Dota to starting one of the largest collegiate esports clubs and now managing a professional team.

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Players Win Games, Teams Win Championships

As this year's Dota 2 season gets underway, who are the teams to watch? What's the strategy of last year's championship teams? We spoke to some of the biggest stars of last year's season to get their thoughts.

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