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Becker College: At the Forefront of Collegiate Esports

As the advent of livestreaming and social media paved the way for esports nationwide, so did colleges by adopting scholarships to clubs. Schools have played a large part in aiding the esports scene just as they have for physical sports for decades.

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Harrisburg University to Hold International Tryouts for Varsity Squads

Harrisburg University continues to raise the bar in the world of collegiate esports by announcing international tryouts for their 2018-2019 varsity teams.


Video Games = Violence? Lakeview High School Cancels Esports Program

With the recent unfortunate events revolving around gun violence, video games are getting the short end of the stick. Lakeview High School was on the brink of starting an esports program for CS:GO, Overwatch, and Rocket League until recently.

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Dota Spring Saltiness!

Let the madness begin! It's always difficult to predict the playoff outcomes, but we can sure try! All these teams definitely have a chance at the LAN, but our writers did their best to narrow things down. Don't agree? Let us - and them - know!


CSL 2018 Grand Finals to be held at Ultimate Media Ventures in Huntington Beach on April 28-29th

North America’s Top Collegiate Esports Teams Competing for Over $100,000 in Scholarships. Tickets Available Today to Collegiate StarLeague’s 2018 Grand Finals in Southern California!

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Pre-Playoffs Power Ranking

Welcome to the pre-playoffs power rankings. This is the last time power rankings will be based on opinion! Moving forward, everything will be based on skill and results, so let's see how true this power ranking will stand.

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