Taunting and Triumph

The returning champions Rochester Institute of Technology is defending their title from the State University of New York - Stony Brook and University of Illinois at Chicago on LAN. Before the players show up with Razers, we got them to share a slice of how they expect to cut their opposition deep outside of the game.

RIT has proven they have the discipline to win on LAN, Zanthous is “respectful” in his games and does not taunt his opponents. The Captain has different goals - Eradicate dreams to win LAN with a level 25 Techies on Dota Plus and share the “I can’t believe that worked” chatwheel with his second-place opposition. According to Remilia, on SBU, Ember Spirit’s “what did you learn?” is the taunt a grand champion would use after schooling someone in collegiate combat. Deboi from UIC channels his feelings through the chatwheel:

My favorite [chatwheel] is probably "Get off my lawn!" (from Gyrocopter) It makes me feel like an old grumpy support player when I play my world famous support gyro.

In-game tipping has allowed many players to thank others for helping them out, friend or foe. Zanthous does not tip, instead focuses on the game. His Captain, Eradicate is trying to teach him that “no one ever tips someone for playing well: it's only for bad plays, so the opponent.” Most tips that come from Shoe are because he “clicked on it by accident,” but we can hope to see him making it rain on LAN. UIC’s PK is the resident expert on tipping:

Pk: When our CSL team is playing an official game in the league, we usually refrain from tipping… Pub games are an entirely different ball game. We use any possible psychological tactic that we can to tilt the enemy. The current meta seems to be that when one of our teammates outperforms an opponent then we all scream to tip the person. Using tips on your teammates does not damage the enemies psyche as much. It also allows the rest of the enemy opponents to see who was singled out and subconsciously makes them focus on their teammate's mistakes more.

Little to lose and little to gain, chatwheels and tipping are fun, but item-dropping is a top tier taunt, only recommended for the best your college has to offer. For once, Zanthous and Eradicate seem to agree with each other on item dropping:

Zanthous: I would like to drop my items to maximize my regeneration.

Eradicate: Only to use Stick if I'm in the middle of a fight.

Shoe does not think that dropping his items is worth the risk but does think taunting is still a worthwhile endeavour:

Shoe: We don’t normally do [drop items to taunt], if we wanted to taunt because the game looks very easy we would just get random items like Dagons that aren’t always good.

The newcomers to LAN, UIC brings a fresh perspective to taunting and LANing:

Sammy: Yes, of course, dropping your items in front of your enemies will not only trigger them but is also a way to assert your dominance over them. Also, it's a non-verbal way to say "gg ez!"

Zanthous has revealed that he is a tame player outside of the game, contrary to his in-your-face playstyle in game. But, he once “pressed the Pangolier all chat voice line at the end of a CSL match without reading it and it turned out to be 'try a bit harder next time.'" However, he “felt kind of bad about that” one. Zanthous may be the worst mannered player on RIT, but he doesn’t compare to UIC’s PK. UIC’s Charles told us to “check [PK’s] Behaviour score,” which “is ~5k.” For SBU, Remilia says its Frankie because “he likes to steal last hits on the creeps and towers.”

Speaking of bad manners, Gocolts12, the coach of UIC added that “Pk, somehow, even when he wins his lane, he finds a way to complain about not having enough farm, and is perpetually ‘only one creep wave away’ from his next item that he NEEDS for the next team fight”

Talk is cheap, these players are armed with flame but their play will decide if RIT will defend their championship or if returning SBU and newcomer UIC will leave with the crown. Catch the action live this weekend where I will be hosting the event!


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