Dota 2 Recap: Missing Links

Welcome to yet another exciting Dota 2 recap, potentially the last one before playoffs. Although there are a number of series that need to be resolved between various teams, the current standings are unlikely to change. A lot has happened since our last recap, so without further ado, let’s take a look at how things are going.

In the West division, the University of British Columbia and UC Santa Cruz have continued uncontested dominance, with Arizona State University, UC San Diego, and the University of Alberta just barely behind. While they’re somewhat quieter than other groups, other divisions should be wary of the West: they have a habit of surprising unwary opponents. ASU and UCSC faced each other recently and their match was broadcast this week, so make sure you check it out if you haven’t already!

Watch 2020 Dota 2 - UCSC vs ASU - CSL Star League - Casted by @Carlt0n and @rkryptic from CStarLeague on

The Northeast division, our beloved Group of Death, saw a lot of action in the last few weeks, including a match between powerhouses Rochester Institute of Technology and Stony Brook University that was broadcast last week. Without giving away the results of the match, all I’ll say is that the rankings in this division have not appeared to change that much, although head-to-head results paint a very different picture. I almost feel sorry for the teams that get seeded against anyone from this group when it comes time to make the playoff bracket.

Watch 2020 Dota 2 CSL Star League | RIT vs SBU | Casted by @Carlt0n and @rkryptic from CStarLeague on

Canada’s group hasn’t changed too much since last we looked at them. Carleton University and the University of Ottawa played their match on broadcast two weeks ago, which was quite exciting, and York University has improved their standing. Being Canadian myself, I’m syrup-bound to cheer for my red and white brethren. I hope the playoff bracket treats them well and doesn’t have too many Canadian teamkills in the early rounds. You guys are allowed to slay each other only in the quarterfinals, alright?

Watch 2020 CSL Dota 2 | Carleton University vs Ottawa University | Casted by @Carlt0n and @rkryptic from CStarLeague on

The East division is, well...The University of Illinois at Chicago, Georgia Institute of Technology, and The Ohio State University are still where they were when last we laid eyes on this group. The rest of the group has a lot of games to make up, or they’ve simply fallen off the face of the Earth. A lot can happen before the playoff bracket is formed, though, and stranger things have happened in past seasons, with teams making the playoffs simply because their coordinator claimed forfeit wins for their all-but-disbanded team over other teams that had disbanded. UIC, Georgia Tech, and tOSU have clearly made playoffs, but only time will tell which remaining teams will join them.

The Central division, on the other hand, has played games since January, so there are things to be said about them! The University of Wisconsin Madison, the University of Texas at Dallas, and Upper Iowa University continue to lead the group, with a smattering of games to make up between them. Like the East division, there are many games that have to be made up before the fate of this group is certain, and many teams could rise to the occasion and claim a playoff spot. We will have to wait and see which teams elevate themselves over the rest.


Don’t forget that the playoffs begin in earnest on February 29th, so make sure to finish all of your remaining games as soon as you can! The sooner games are completed, the sooner the playoff bracket can be completed and the more time everyone will have to prepare. As always, best of luck to everyone in the coming weeks!


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