Grand Champion Suitors of Division 2 Dota

Brush off the snow and tighten your Belt of Strength because collegiate Dota is back! Returning from the holidays, we are jumping right back into student-versus-student ancient defending to see who flunks and who has the honours of finishing as this year's Grand Magus Champion. To help all of our collegiate Dota fans get back on track, here is a hasty refresher on the fates of the duelling heroes in Division 2.

The State University of New York - Stony Brook (7 - 0) topped the East 4 group, finishing 14 and 1. Stony Brook Esports - B will be playing in Conference #1, one of the 8-team conferences this Spring. Rochester Institute of Technology (5 - 2) may have come in second regarding wins in East 4, but RIT-TWO-D-TWO takes first place for the best name in the group.

Pennsylvania State University's (7 - 0) undefeated record earned them a spot in Conference #4. Pigeon King did not even lose a single game to another team in the EAST 3 group. Returning from the break, their matches against the other teams in their conference will demonstrate how diligent Pigeon King was in honing their skills while away from class.

University of Connecticut (6 - 1) tied with Johns-Hopkins University (6 - 1), both attaining a 13 and 4 record throughout the season. The University of Connecticut - A will be playing in Conference #3 while John-Hopkins University will be facing off in Conference #4. JHU has already tasted competition, and they might just have the drive required to dethrone Pigeon King in the same conference.

The University of Virginia (7 - 0) topped EAST 1, followed by Virginia Commonwealth University (6 - 1). The University of Virginia Dota joins JHU in Conference #4's hunt to overthrow Pigeon King's godlike rampage of Division 2. Virginia Commonwealth University is in Conference #5 as well as position #1 in my book for the best team name in EAST 1: Very Cool University.

The University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill (7 - 1) leads the South group, losing only one match before the break. Emory University (0 - 7) ended the pre-holiday season with just a single win to support them through the cold, collegiate-Dotaless weeks - a win against the North Carolina Wiener Dogs. The Weiner Dogs suffered defeat to Emory University's Young Dooley's Dongers. If the competition for best Dota team is not enough for you, Division 2 is offering serious competition for best Dota team name. The Weiner Dogs will face off in Conference #5 against Very Cool University for multiple accolades.

The University of Wisconsin was so intent on dominating Midwest 2 that they did it twice. Wisconsin's A-team ended with a 7 and 0 record, followed by the B-team with a 6 and 1 record. Any guess on who their loss was to? The A-team is poised to continue their domination in Conference #6 while the B-team will follow suit in Conference #7.

You may be interested to hear that Texas A&M University (7 - 0) only lost a single match before the break. You may also be interested in applying to join The Bathtub Club, they have proven experience at owning at Dota, and I do not know about you, but Texas sounds like it has university clubs figured out. The Bathtub Club joins the Wisconsin B-team in Conference #7 now that collegiate Dota has returned.

Filling me with pride for my hometown, the University of Calgary (7 - 0) has stomped their competition, and the Calgary Dinos end the pre-holiday season undefeated. The Dinos will be defending their killstreak in Conference #8 where teams like Liberty University's (2 -5) Jerry's Junglers will be hunting Calgary's undefeated record to extinction.

Another undefeated team, another dominated group. West 2 has suffered the wrath of Washington State University (7 - 0) who have yet to lose a single match. Although their three-character team name may not be able to compete with some of the other team names in Division 2, WSU's proven ability means they will likely not worry much about the competition they face while defending an ancient in Conference #9.

The University of California, Davis (7 - 0) is undefeated, winning the West 1 as the only teams with less than two matches lost. In addition to dodging defeat in Division 2, UC Davis's Division 1 dominators did not dare disappoint, the decisively destroyed their competition during Davis's debut match following the denouement of the Dota drought. Aggie Dota will be defending their undefeated streak in Conference #10 now that we are back into the fray.

The holidays are a time of coming together and spending time with your family, blood or otherwise. Dota has been number one in many of our hearts, and regardless of your division is number two, we all share a passionate obsession for this beautiful, complicated game. Owning together with and against my Dota family is something I am thankful for this holiday season. Now that the Collegiate StarLeague is back, we can all enjoy Dota ownage together.


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