Breaking Bread Over Break: RIT and Rutgers

After finishing their fourth semester without a loss and without the highest rated player in the Collegiate Starleague, Will “Evadin” Dickinson, the Rochester Institute of Technology team, and the coach of Rutgers University put on their festive sweaters and sat down by the yuletide fire to chat with us about the upcoming format and challenges of the new year.


Nicholas “WertWert” Giordano hasn’t lost any confidence in himself and his team, even with the loss of one of their players:

“Evadin made it so we didn’t have to try” say Giordano. There was never a question that every player on RIT is talented, but their Fall roster has allowed the team to share the time in the spotlight.




Benjamin “Zanthous” Morgan attended the LAN last year when RIT solidified their status as the most dominant team in CSL Dota 2 history:

“Many teams ask where Evadin is,” Morgan mentioned, “and we get to prove that we don’t need him!”





While Morgan and Giordano have been grinding DotA, Kerstetter has been joined by some of his other peers to grind Smash Brother Ultimate instead. Last year, the Smash area of the LAN event was packed full of pwnage and passion for attendees to bond over. If RIT continues on their warpath, we may see them leaving the LAN with a second Dota 2 Championship ring and their first Smash Championship ring too.



When you are born to win, there is not much to do but win. Kerstetter is not concerned about his ability or his team’s ability to make their victory last year the first of many to come:

"All of the teams above us on the power rankings need to watch out - don’t get comfy."


Reed “Doggie” Cogliano has a similar view to Morgan and has been playing a lot of dota since the 7.20 patch. Both players are enjoying the constant updates Valve makes to ensure that Dota 2 is more than the best competitive game to watch and play, it is also the most balanced.




In addition to a new patch, the assassins of academia from RIT are going to be returning to battle in the improved CSL format, the Winter Invitational. RIT is excited for the new format and the $1000 winner take all prize pool. Cogliano specifically is happy to continue playing Best of 3 series.

Aaron "Aaron" Landry of Rutgers agrees with RIT’s stance on Bo3 series:

Learning and reading your opponent is a large part of being a good Dota player and Bo1s do not allow for failure when it comes to reading your opponent, especially in the draft…. The draft develops when you figure out meta heroes’ strengths and weakness which allow you to be greedy and adapt your draft and play.


Cogliano is adamant that he and his “homies” can beat any other team in a Bo3, but has his eye on the State University of New York, Stony Brook because “they are an experienced team that can run cheesy strategies.”

Finish up your third box of chocolates because the CSL will return on January 12th with more collegiate action. You can catch us broadcasting the matches live on Mondays and Wednesdays at 10 PM EST on our Twitch Channel and you can stay in the know by following us on our Twitter.

Fun fact:  Carter “Eradicate” Kerstetter (RIT) prioritized pummeling his opponents in Super Smash Ultimate instead of on the battlefields of Dota2. Kerstetter’s bloodlust has became so consuming that Aaron “Aaron” Landry (Rutgers) is receiving more messages about Smash from Kerstetter than messages from his girlfriend.


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