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Dota Playoffs Launched

The playoff brackets for both Varsity and Junior Varsity Dota have been launched; read on for more information on what to expect.


Playoffs Info

The top teams in each division for the Spring have advanced to meet the Winter Invitational teams in a double elimination playoff bracket. The top (3) teams in Varsity will move on to compete in our live final event. Our broadcast team will be contacting teams in order to broadcast as many matches as possible, so check your emails often; any non-broadcasted matches will begin on February 23 at the default time.

The upper bracket will have (1) Best-of-Three match and the lower bracket will have up to (2) Best-of-One matches back-to-back each week. Instead of having a potential bracket reset, the final match will be Best-of-Five with the upper bracket team starting 1-0 automatically.

Varisty prize pool reminder:

Junior Varsity prize pool reminder:


Teams will either play Best-of-Three in the upper bracket or up to (2) Best-of-Ones in the lower bracket, back-to-back. The schedule is staggered so that no team will have to play both upper and lower bracket matches on the same week.

"A" lower rounds are the first and "B" lower rounds are the second on the bracket, as there are always two rounds with the same amount of teams in the lower bracket, as teams drop from the upper bracket.

Due to how we have spaced out the matches after the first week, the default match date may not be automatically accurate as the tournament progresses, so please be aware of that; use the schedule below (also available on the rules page):

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] anytime. Good luck to everyone and may the best team win!


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