Fortnite Recap: Sailing Into The Playoffs

Editor's note: Due to a publishing delay and miscalculated stats, a previous version of this article provided incorrect rank and placement information. This article is now up to date and properly reflects the league. 

With the playoffs starting in the next few days, let’s review the current standings and check out what’s coming next. This recap will use the format School Name (Total Points) to show the differences between teams more clearly. 

Baker University (74) currently leads the central region by three points over the Illinois Institute of Technology (71), who has a four-point lead over DePaul University (67). Central Methodist University (66) rounds out the top four.

The bottom for consists of Lamar University (64), the University of Oklahoma (59), the University of South Dakota (57), and the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (55).


Moving west, Chandler-Gilbert Community College (77) sits on top as Arizona State University (ASU Esports Gold I) (71) and the University of Utah (71) fight for second. The University of British Columbia (68) caps off our top four with a sizeable lead over Los Angeles Valley College (57).

Sacramento State University (CSUS) (53), Arizona State University (ASU Esports Maroon I) (51), and San Diego State University (45) conclude our top eight for the western region.


The southeastern region sees East Carolina University (88) in first, followed by the University of Central Florida (60). Keiser University (59), only one point away from second, has a five-point lead over the University of South Florida (54).

Only one point away is Full Sail University (53), followed by Liberty University (LU Fortnite Flames) (52). Randolph-Macon College (48) and Florida State University (46) round out the southeastern region.


There’s a ton going on in the gigantic region that is the northeast, and since the region itself is split up into three separate sections, this shall be too! 

In the first northeastern region (NE1), the top four consists of Pennsylvania State University (PSU Esports One) (64), Butler University (60), Michigan State University (56), and Ryerson University (52). 

As we move down the list, things get a little more competitive. Pennsylvania State University (PSU Esports Alpha Team) (52), Illinois Wesleyan University (51), the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (51), and Ashland University (Magenta) (49) are only one or two points away from breaking into the top four. 

The second northeastern region (NE2) houses Potomac State College (83), Pennsylvania State University (PSU Boba Boys) (64), Temple University (64), and  Stony Brook University (61).

Closing out NE2, Cornell University (50) and the University of Maryland College Park (50) are tied for fifth, followed by Ashland University (Gold) (48) and Western University (45).

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Last but not least, the final northeastern region (NE3) sees the largest point differential in the league: St. Clair College (Saints Gaming One) (94) sits twenty two points ahead of Queen's University (72)! However, things start to get much closer as we move down. 

Southern New Hampshire University (70) is ahead of Carleton University (Carleton Varsity) (65). St. Clair College (Saints Gaming Two) (62) is in front of Ashland University (Red) (59), and finally, Ryerson University (59) stands over Carleton University (Two Guys One Cup) (56).


Based on how close the standings are this year, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of the lower-rated teams make it further in the bracket than expected. Regardless of where your favorite duo is in the standings, be sure to support them during the playoffs on December 7-8th and find out who wins the $10,000 grand prize!


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