CSL's Inaugural Fortnite Season Kicks Off With $42,000 Prize Pool!

Fortnite is the biggest game in the world right now, and for good reason. It's fun, it's competitive, and it involves teamwork. That's what makes an incredible esport, and that's really what defines collegiate competition above all else. So, we're jumping on the hype train and hosting an awesome collegiate Fortnite league for all students! Read below for important information about our first Fortnite competition. 

Online League

We'll be running a Duos league for all college players in North America. You'll need to find a duo partner, register accounts, create a team, and sign up for the league! Once registration ends, groups will be created roughly based on geography. Duos will play one match each week, facing every other duo in their group. The winner in a match is determined by who has the most kills. Every league match will be a BO3. At the end of the regular season, the top teams will advance to a single elimination playoff bracket. 

The top 8 teams in the league will earn an all expense paid trip to the LIVE Championship! Specific numbers of playoff teams will be determined once registration ends (the number depends on the amount of players who sign up)! The prize pool for the league is $30,000!


Our tournament series consists of 2 stages. Stage 1 are the qualifiers. There will be 8 qualifying tournaments throughout the Fall and Spring Semester. Each Qualifier will be a single elimination bracket. All matches are BO3 Duos, with the team with the most kills winning each game. The top 4 teams from each Stage 1 Qualifier will advance to Stage 2. Each Stage 1 Qualifier will be completed in one day! Any team can enter as long as they meet CSL's eligibility requirements. 

Stage 2 will feature 32 teams playing in a double elimination tournament in the Spring Semester. One to two rounds of the tournament will be played each week. The Stage 2 Tournament will have the same match format (BO3 Duos) as the Online League and Stage 1 Qualifiers. The top 4 teams from Stage 2 will earn an all expense paid trip to the Championship.

Each of the 8 tournaments will also feature a $1,000 prize pool!

Regional LANs

If the Online League and Tournaments aren't enough, we have a third way to qualify for the Collegiate Championship. Throughout the year we will host 4 Regional LAN events at various locations throughout North America. Each LAN event will feature an open Fortnite tournament that any collegiate team can participate in. 

Each tournament will feature the BO3 Duos format, and be a single elimination bracket. The winner of each Regional LAN tournament will qualify for the Championship. Each Regional LAN also features a $1,000 prize pool.

Notes for New Teams/Players/Organizations

If you're returning to CSL again, read this over as a refresher. Alternatively, if you are new to CSL as a player, coordinator, coach, or faculty, these are helpful bits of information for you. For complete details, please read the rules page linked below as well! For any additional questions, you can reach us at [email protected]



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