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Chips Army Team From UC Berkeley Banned

Chips Army Team from UC Berkeley and its players TTV BaIIsack ツ and Aronツ" have been banned for the remainder of the school year and will not be able to compete for a spot in the final event



During Fortnite qualifier #6 of the one-day tournament series, team Chips Army from UC Berkeley lost their first round match but continued to play in subsequent rounds due to an erroneous report.

Due to their continued illegitimate participation, the bracket was advanced multiple rounds before the issue was resolved, which created a big issue due to other teams being knocked out by an illegal team as well as the original winning oppnoent being left out of the bracket.

While the affected teams were eventually reached and the bracket issue was resolved by replaying the correct matchups, the actions of the Chips Army players not only caused significant delay for the tournament and its remaining teams, it was also clearly illegal.


Due to illegally participating after losing in the first round of Fortnite qualifier #6 and using false information to advance, the following penalties will be incurred:

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