Building Relationships: Interview with the State University of New York - Stony Brook

Once again, CSL has increased the pool of games that we will officially support. Fortnite has joined our roster, and with this addition comes more opportunity for schools across North America to build more teams to represent them in battle.

We sat down with the State University of New York - Stony Brook (7 - 0 | 14 - 0) to meet the top team in the league, and to talk to them about what it means to be a contender in our newest game.

Prior to teaming up, Henry “Tubby” Nguyen and Brendan “imag” Moloney had not joined forces nor forts. “We met on the Stony Brook Esports Discord right before the CSL league season started,” shared Nguyen.



The popularity of collegiate Fortnite required thirty-two 6-team conferences to be built to house all of the students looking to ride the battle bus in lieu of their school bus. Nguyen and Moloney’s success comes from their mutual joy of building foundations and maintaining killstreaks.

“Our relationship during the match is friendly and hilarious as we like to throw out jokes to keep ourselves calm during our competition.”

Even outside of their matches, these students are “like any other teenagers playing video games." The duo commented about themselves:

"We like to make jokes of each other and talk about things in life. We achieved our success by staying calm and pretending the game is like any normal game.”

SBU Fortnite is heading to the top, and they are excited for their success and for their future games. The state of competitive Fortnite is going in the right direction with the implementation of this Pop-Up Cup.

Keep an eye on SBU Fortnite and follow the Collegiate Starleague’s Twitter to be informed on what is going on across the league. SBU plans to continue their domination in the spring: at the rate that they’re going, they’re looking to build all the way to the top to be crowned the first ever Grand Champion of Collegiate Fortnite!



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