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Fortnite Regional LAN Events Cancelled

At the beginning of the year, CSL planned on hosting large scale regional LAN events, which would have Fortnite tournaments that fed into the CSL Finals at the end of the year. Unfortunately, due to various complications we were unable to find venues of the right sizes to fit our needs within the school year. Therefore, for the 2019-2020 Season, we are unable to host regional LAN events. 


We will endeavor to work with schools to host such events in the future, but for now, the important thing is to ensure all our players understand necessary adjustments to the format we will make. 


To replace the four regional LAN events and keep the total qualified teams slots, we will be redistributing the (4) regional LAN slots to the year long season and one-day tournament series teams.


We will be hosting a Second Chance Tournament for the losers of the final round of both circuits; the two losers from Tournament Stage 2 lower Ro4 B and the four losers from the Season Playoffs Ro8 B will be grouped together to face each other in a one-day double elimination tournament (3 rounds back-to-back) on April 13, with the top (4) teams advance to the final event (two from upper and two from lower).


For teams that missed season registration and the previous one-day tournament qualifiers, or were otherwise planning to participate in the regional LAN circuit, there are still two qualifiers remaining on February 9 and 23, so everyone still has a chance to qualify.


Thank you for understanding, and hopefully everyone is enjoying our Fortnite season so far. It is our hope to introduce a live element to our Fortnite season next year and will let you all know when we can confirm possible dates and venues!


- CSL Staff 



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