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Hearthstone Summer Season Launched

CSL Hearthstone Summer Season is live! Matches start July 8th, so read on to check the season details to prepare your team; good luck to all teams!

Season Overview

Each team will play every other team twice, in a DOUBLE rounnd robin regular season group stage. All teams will advance to a single elimination playoff bracket, with the top 2 teams receiving a BYE in the Ro8.

Match Format

We will be utilizing the CSL Hearthstone "Team League" format from the last season; each match consists of five Bo1 1v1 sets, standard mode, with a pre-selected player lineup; classes are not pre-selected (blind pick), with each team's five unique players using five unique classes (cannot be repeated/only one player per team can use a selected class in the match)


Lineups are due 2 days before each match, so Saturday matches are due end of day Thursday (11:59pm Pacific) and Sunday matches are due end of day Friday (11:59pm Pacific). If you reschedule a match, be sure to inform the tournament admins (include evidence/proof!) so that they can adjust the match day and time; the 2 day lineup deadline will move to the appropriate day automatically.

To submit a lineup, a coordinator simply uses the 'EDIT LINEUP' buttons on their each of their team's match pages, and selects their chosen players; lineups may be inputted as far in advance as you wish and are editable until their deadlines, so coordinators, if you are using the same lineup, feel free to submit your lineup for the entire season!

Late lineups will need to be manually inputted by a tournament admin; send an email to [email protected] with the subject LATE LINEUP, include the match page link and your lineup player order for manual input. Note that there will be penalties depending on the lateness of the submission.


As stated in the registration post, 2 matches will take place per week: Sat and Sun 12pm Pacific.

Regular Season


As always, team may reschedule with one another; make sure to document all evidence and speak to an admin to have it properly changed on the affected match page. Additionally, ALL regular season matches must be completed by end Aug 6 (11:59pm Pacific) so we can generate the playoff bracket; any unreported/pending matches will automatically count as a loss for BOTH teams.

Note that days and times may be changed for broadcast purposes; our production team will contact you ahead of time if you are selected for broadcast.

Prize Pool

Prize pool is $2,000 split up as follows:

If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected] for more information. A tournament admin will be available at all default match times by email or live through BAND in the HS Tournament Help chat.

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