Kayle and Morgana: The Righteous and The Fallen




Currently known as a fairly weak champion or one of the most disgusting vegetables, Kayle finally receives a much needed rework to her outdated kit. While some of her moves have stayed the same, most of her kit has been drastically changed.


Passive - Divine Ascent


Kayle’s new passive is fairly complex, but it revolves around her levels. Throughout the game, depending on what level Kayle is, she will have a different, evolving passive that affects her playstyle.

Level 1-5 is Zealous, which sees Kayle’s autos grant stacking attack speed, and at max stacks she enters into an Exalted mode, which grants Kayle movement speed towards enemy champions.

Level 6-10 is Aflame. Aflame builds on Kayle’s passive. When Kayle enters Exalted by gaining max stacks, her attacks now launch flaming AOE waves that deal bonus magic damage to enemies. This is simultaneously similar, but quite different, from Kayle’s old E ability.

Level 11-15 is Arisen, which sees Kayle evolve into a fully ranged champion, with a massive power spike.

From level 16 onwards is Transcendent. From here, Kayle becomes permanently Exalted, and her flaming wings from Aflame now deal true damage.


Kayle’s passive gives her some very obvious power spikes. Hitting these upgrades are absolutely essential to playing Kayle, which will result in her taking her time top or mid to maximize the amount of XP she can have. Early game Kayle is going to have a very hard time, especially because becoming Exalted is going to be very hard until level 6. Junglers are going to need to help Kayle like they do with Kassadin during earlier levels, and enemy junglers should look to abuse Kayle pre-6.


Once Kayle does hit 6, the game gets much easier. With access to her ultimate and Aflame, she will be much stronger. Additionally, her Aflame grants her access to much-needed waveclear. Level 11 is an obvious power spike as well, when Kayle becomes fully ranged, granting her safety and distance from the much-tankier bruisers and melee tanks. Finally, if Kayle can make it to level 16, she should be one of the strongest champions in the game. Being permanently Exalted with her waves dealing true damage means that Kayle will be a ranged champion with AOE, in addition to true damage auto-attacks. Even if Kayle is shut down early, if she gets to 16, shut downs might all be for nothing.


Q - Radiant Blast


After a short delay, Kayle shoots out a flaming blade at an enemy, which shreds their armor and MR, as well as slows them. Additionally, this attack explodes to deal damage enemies next to Kayle’s original target as well. The armor and MR shred of this ability is going to be crucial for Kayle to help her allies deal damage, and for her to rack up significant damage in the early game. This also helps Kayle’s AOE damage, which, coupled with her auto attacks, make her a menacing teamfighter.


W - Celestial Blessing


Kayle heals herself and a target ally, and grants both her and that target a movement speed burst. This is the most similar ability to current/old Kayle, with an added buff! Beforehand, you could only heal 1 person and grant them movement speed, but the buff allows Kayle to heal both herself and a teammate.


E - Starfire Spellblade


This ability’s passive grants Kayle’s basic attacks bonus damage which scales with both her AP and AD. Old Kayle was one of the only dual AP/AD-damage users, and with this new passive, Riot doubled down on that dual-damage dream. Expect Kayle to be building both types of items interchangeably, like perhaps Nashors into Runaan’s into Infinity Edge. With this E passive and her actual passive, it grants Kayle a plethora of builds to go for depending on the game state.


This ability’s active makes Kayle’s next basic attack ranged and deal a portion of the target’s missing health as bonus magic damage. After ascending to Aflame, this attack damages enemies next to the target as well. This active is really going to help Kayle in the early game, and giving her access to some ranged will allow her to fight back in ranged matchups and poke away at some bruisers top.


R - Diving Judgement


Her ultimate grants invulnerability on herself or an ally for a few seconds. During the invincibility, swords fall in a circle around the target, damaging enemies in that area. This is very similar to her current R, with an added buff. Kayle keeps the same invulnerability ability as before, with the added sword AOE damage on the target as well. While the AOE damage probably isn’t going to be the most impactful, Kayle already had an extremely strong ultimate and it’s not surprising to see that it’s one of the abilities Riot chose to keep.




Overall, Kayle seems like she got a very good update and upgrade. While she is going to be weaker in the early game because she is going to lose access to much of her range from her old E, she keeps her Q poke from before, and it only gets better from there. Kayle has always been an incredible late game monster, but it looks like she is well-positioned to be better than ever. Kayle does not have to worry about losing her E mid-teamfight, which was making her useless by losing the range once she hits 11. Additionally, level 16 simply looks absurd, granting Kayle permanent range, AOE, and true damage auto-attacks. It looks like she is going to be a top laner with some fringe picks mid, but I also think she could be a viable support pick. Kayle support has always been extremely fringe, but I think this definitely got a buff. The W buff is an obvious one that makes her exclusively stronger at support, and her ultimate is the same as before, keeping her as a strong contender for a support pick.




Even though it was a Kayle and Morgana update, Morgana didn’t get much at all. The only change to her kit was her ultimate now granting movespeed towards enemies. This doesn’t sound like much, but it was really easy for people to get far away and escape the Morgana ultimate using their mobility. Now, I expect Morgana ultimate to hit much more frequently, especially on immobile carries. Additionally, Morgana also got her lore updated with Kayle’s, so be sure to check it out!


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