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Patch Notes 3.3: Tournament Codes

Hi everyone, we've completetly changed how League of Legends match reporting works. There are hundreds of League teams competing in CSL, and we know that it's tiresome and tedious to have to report games. Filling out dozens of dropdowns and uploading screenshots sounds awful. Hopefully this change will make everyone's life significantly easier. 


Step 1: Coordinators will see a tournament code for their game -- coordinators should share that code with their team and create the game using that tournament code. If you do NOT do that, the game won't be reported. 


Step 2: Play the game. Again, make sure that all players have joined the game with the tournament code or the match won't work properly. Once the game is finished, you should see a success message on the page -- it may take 1-2 minutes for the game to report, so please be patient! 


Step 3: Your results should appear on the page and the next tournament code should be generated for game 2. 






Is this in effect for today's games?

over 3 years ago


This is awesome. I remember NACC Qualifiers had matches set up like this. Less of a hassle!

over 3 years ago


Well done CSL!

over 3 years ago


This saved me a good 10 minutes in my life which I can use to fap. TY CSL.

over 3 years ago

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