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CSL 2017-2018 Job Openings

To apply to any of the following positions, please send a copy of your resume and an introduction about yourself (cover letter or in the body of the email) to [email protected]

Happy applying!


Staff Writer

Duties: Keep track of ongoing CSL tournaments and write relevant articles covering their scope. Create connections within the community by contacting teams and coordinators for content. Occasionally write for video content and broad collegiate esports articles.

Skills: Strong writing skills and ability to adhere to deadlines. Knowledge of one of CSL’s supported game titles. Active players and community members preferred.

Scope: Will work with Editor-in-Chief, assistant editors, and other writers to brainstorm and produce content throughout the season. Will work with other departments to ensure the season’s storyline is consistent and covered thoroughly. Will be assigned to specific beats.

Additional qualifications: Experience/interest in writing for video content a plus. Past track record of writing about esports a bigger plus. Active social media presence is helpful.

Compensation: Online freelance, pay-per-piece.

Specific Positions available: Dota 2, CS:GO, League of Legends, Vainglory, Madden, Quake, Rocket League


Graphic Designer

Duties: Design graphics as needed for news article, videos, streams, and social media postings. Must be able to work within CSL’s established style guide/aesthetic.

Skills: Ability to translate data to graphic form (infographics). Expertise in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create graphics and edit photos. Good eye for what is visually needed to complete an article or video.

Scope: Will work on various different projects in conjunction with the Content Department, Production Department, or Creative Department, will cover a wide variety of games.

Additional qualifications: Knowledge of esports and experience as a graphic designer a big plus. Experience with creating graphics for video assets a bigger plus. HTML5/CSS skill an even bigger plus.

Compensation: Paid contract position.


Community Manager

Duties: The community manager is the main point of contact between a particular game and CSL. You’ll be a friendly face that gets to know coordinators and players alike. If players have questions, problems, or issues, you’ll be the first person they turn to for help. You’ll be tasked with coming up with fun ideas and running various contests and promotions throughout the year. You will be required to manage your game’s social media accounts from time to time as well.

Important: The community manager must commit to being available for the full duration of their game’s broadcasts about twice a week for two hours per broadcast. If you don’t have a flexible schedule that allows you to commit to being present online for nightly broadcasts, then this job isn’t for you.

Skills: We are looking for individuals who have a strong presence and knowledge of their game's community, and who are familiar with the scene, its demographic, and its major contributors. We want creative individuals. We want strong and savvy communicators. You should be able to work as part of a team, but also know how to self-motivate and work independently. Strong written and verbal communication skills are mandatory.

Scope: Works with Community Director to strategize and execute community initiatives and daily social media content. Interacts with content department to provide story leads from the community. Interacts with tournament admin to provide accurate and timely support. Interacts with production department to thoroughly promote broadcasts.

Additional qualifications: Familiarity with pro players and personalities is a plus. Pre-existing familiarity with collegiate teams and players is also a plus.

Compensation: Paid contract position.

Specific Positions available: N/A (Updated: 8/22/17)


Tournament Admin

Duties: There are two primary duties: (1) live match administration; (2) manage tournament email; (3) regularly scheduled help desk hours per week. Match administration requires you to be online during match times, to directly resolve issues between teams and interface with broadcasters for live streamed games. In managing the email - you’re required to answer questions ranging from simple rules questions, to bigger disputes.

Skills: Impartiality is required -- must be able to be fair in resolving any disputes, and most importantly, adhere to the rules. Must be organized, professional, and accessible.

Scope: Will work with other tournament administrators and broadcasters. You will report directly to the Tournament Director, and be responsible for covering all our activities for one of our games.

Additional qualifications: Prior administration or tournament organizational experience. If you’re a "jerk" but know when to be nice and friendly, that’s a plus.

Specific Positions available: All positions filled 8/27

Compensation: Paid contract position.


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