Patch Notes 3.5 -- Updates Galore

Hi all. Back with more updates from the dev team. This is our first major update of the summer, so here goes:

Homepage Redesign 

This is a pretty significant change, but we feel this will allow you all more content, more access, and more accessibility. Here are a few of the bullet points that you all may find important or relevant:

Looking For Team // Recruitment 

This is in response to a lot of feedback from you guys. We've now built an easy way to get find players at your school, to contact people who are looking for teams. For coordinators, you'll be able to note that your team is recruiting members, and you'll be able to easily see a list of people who are looking for a team at your school. We hope that this helps facilitate an easier and more smooth experience getting your teams set up for the new season. 

Go to your "EDIT ACCOUNT" link. At the bottom, you'll see a button to indicate that you're looking for a team. You'll also be able to put info about yourself to help people learn more about you!

You'll see a free agent indicator next to a players' name who is looking for a team. You'll be able to CLICK the icon to send them a notification that you want to get in touch. We'll connect you two via email and provide ingame IDs as well so you can chat. 

As a coordinator, you'll be able to incicate that your team is actively recruiting so that players will know to request to join your team 

More to come

Hope you enjoyed the update. Browse around and let us know your thoughts. We really hope that this will improve your experience! We're also working on some more updates for you. Stay tuned for the new updates and details about next season coming in a few weeks! 


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