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CSL 2017-2018 Season Registration Now Open

Last week we gave you a heads up about some of the titles you should be expecting to see this season at CSL. Today we’re happy to officially announce the opening of registration!


Registration season runs from September 1st until the end of September, so you have a full month to recruit teams on campus (or sign up to play a 1v1 tournament if that applies to your game).

Need some help getting things together? You can refer to our past guides on team recruitment and outreach for school funding here and here.

For more on specific season and registration information, please jump to one of the following posts:




Dota 2

Smash 4/Melee

Stay tuned for more announcements on games being added to our circuit in the next few weeks! 

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Anything on the horizon for Madden?

10 months ago


So when are the League of Legends Signups going to start for the 2017-2018 season? Haven't heard anything for ULoL, D2 or D3 yet.

10 months ago


Same @Gareki Is there anything coming up for League of Legends for the 2017-2018 season?

10 months ago


Still waiting to sign my team up for League of Legends

10 months ago


Everything for League is still the 16/17 year. How can we register

10 months ago

Chief Skyhawk

10 months ago


Just to be clear its not just me but everyone struggling with the LoL signups?

10 months ago


How do we actually register for it? I cant find an actual link that lets me register.

10 months ago


I don't have the option to enroll my team. Why is that? Team registration closes at midnight so I need an answer.

10 months ago


How do I enroll my team on the D3 LoL season? I cant seem to find the outlet to do that...

10 months ago


I am still trying to sign my team up. Its been for over a week. Someone please tell me how to register for this LoL tournament.

10 months ago


Last day of extended registration and still no where to sign up for d3 lol.

9 months ago


Unfortunately no admin or anyone ever looks at these comments. I sent an email, there will not be league of legends for whatever reason. They didn't even update the playoff bracket like half way through from last season. In the email they said not until further notice. So just wait for an announcement for LoL.

9 months ago


guess this is dead til January lul

9 months ago

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