Tanks, Carries, and Teemos, Oh My! Big Takeaways from the TenGiG Festival

“Nobody can ban me out, because I doubt they will ban Teemo,” Seth “Bioƒrost” Lee.

Chattanooga played host to a thrilling collegiate League of Legends tournament this past weekend, displaying a slice of what the South Region will bring to the table this upcoming season. With the confetti cannons settled, we look back at how the initial storylines panned out over the course of the tournament.

1. Was Texas A&M able to be topped?

In short, the answer to this question is a simple “no.” The Aggies clinched the inaugural title in perfect form, going 3-0 in Group Stage and 4-0 in Bracket Play with little fault. Rookie mid laner, Dakota “MrBlackPanda” Skinkis, led the charge for the Aggies, having stellar performances every game. Skinkis put the team on his back in the Finals versus Georgia Tech, going 16/3/16 in two games on Orianna and Viktor. 

Mississippi State Top Laner Seth Lee gets set to do battle in the TenGiG Semifinals - Source: TenGiG Fest Twitch Channel


2. Which teams showed out in the tournament?

Although it was Texas A&M that took the spotlight and ran with it from the very beginning, the South Region showed promise in growth with other teams stepping up their game. Georgia Tech took Group B by storm, going 3-0 in Group Stage and making it all the way to the Finals. The Yellow Jackets’ new top laner, Ethan “JoopsaKid” Kim, was a key component to their run, utilizing a very deep champion pool and aggressive playstyle to always win lane on a carry champion and transfer his lead to the rest of his team. Mississippi State was another team that performed above standards. Known as the “unconventional” team by the casters, MSU constantly deviated from the meta to bring out the most interesting drafts and strategies, even banning five top laners in a single draft and picking 21 unique champions over 6 games. This element of surprise helped propel the Bulldogs to a 3-3 overall record, even taking a game off of Georgia Tech in the Semifinals en route to a 3rd place finish.



Teemo!?! - Source: TenGiG Fest Twitch Channel

As predicted, the tournament format allowed for some very off-meta picks and interesting team compositions. Teemo had a 100% win rate in 2 games thanks to Mississippi State’s top laner, Bioƒrost, and was even banned against him during one of the Group Stage games. While the unconventional picks, bans, and strategies were not always as successful as MSU’s Teemo, this tournament showed that you do not always have to mimic the pros to put up the results. It also gave light on some of the fun and creative teams to keep an eye out on in the South Region this upcoming year that can make a strong performance.

Were you able to watch any of the action from Chattanooga this weekend? If so, let George know which team impressed you the most, and which players you think performed the best! Also, follow the Collegiate Starleague on Twitter and Facebook for any more upcoming events and seasons!


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