A CSL Monthly Recap: Preparing for Playoffs

The CSL season is well underway for League of Legends, with playoffs starting very soon. There are 32 conferences this semester for CLOL preseason, and over 100 teams playing for the top spot. New schools and veteran schools alike have shown their strengths, and with playoffs looming, it is now a good time to go through conferences and see how teams are stacking up this season.

Conference 1-5: 
The first 5 conferences have a few solid front runners looking to claim the title, most notably Arizona State University, the University of Washington, and York University. Arizona State claimed the top slot of conference 1 after a close series against Berkeley, and they are looking to be one of the top teams in the league. Aside from these top 3, these 5 conferences have a ton of contenders. A match to watch will be Berkeley vs University of Texas at San Antonio in the round of 64, which should be a highly contested series. Two other top teams, San Jose State University and the University of Ottawa, also have the ability to go far in this tournament.



Conference 6-10: 
These 5 conferences all seem to be highly contested. Conference 6 has both Central Michigan University and the University of Akron as undefeated, which resembles conference 7 with the University of Pikeville and Chapman University both undefeated as well. The University of Iowa boasts an impressive roster and continues to sit atop conference 8 with a 5-0 record. Conference 9 has one of the tournament favorites with George Mason University, who I would keep my eyes on as the playoffs start. The match to watch here is going to be Kennesaw State University vs University of Chicago. Chicago is led by thetankman, a high challenger support player, so it’s going to be up to his counterpart DKC of Kennesaw to weather the storm and allow Romanium to carry from top lane. 



Conference 11-15: 
Conference 13 is led by the University of California, San Diego, and conference 14 is led by Rutgers University. These are two of the best teams in CSL who are looking to claim the title. If both of these teams win their first match, they will end up facing each other in the very next round. If that ends up happening, we are going to see a very strong team drop out of the playoffs very early. That match is definitely a series to watch if it occurs. Two other teams, Culver Stockton College, and Indiana University - Bloomington remain undefeated in their respective conferences and could fight for a top spot if they remain this strong.


Conference 16-20: 
The University of Florida and California Polytechnic State University stand out to me in these conferences, and I don’t see too many other teams here having a fighting chance in the playoffs. Cal Poly is a seasoned org in CSL, and they have had top finishes in the past. Florida seems to be a new school in the mix, and I’m interested to see which of these teams makes it farther: the seasoned veterans or the fresh rookies.


Conference 21-25: 
Lots of good schools in these conferences, but none come even close to the University of British Columbia. Headed by veteran challenger player Kazahana, this team looks to be the clear favorite to win CSL this season. Their entire roster is full of talent, and UBC has always done well historically. If there’s a team to bet on, it’s UBC. Other promising schools in these conferences include University of Houston, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, and University of Chicago. All of these teams listed are undefeated, and I could see them taking games off of any other teams in this tournament.



Conference 26-32: 
None of the teams in the last 7 conferences cracked my top 10 list, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t good teams in these conferences. The University of Texas at San Antonio remains undefeated, and Missouri Valley College is 4-0 with an 8-1 game score. In fact, 4 schools are 4-0 with an 8-1 game score in these conferences, and that inconsistency when so many other teams have a completely clean sheet is what kept most of these teams off of my top 10 list. Despite this, I believe that the top teams in these conferences, such as the University of Delaware, Brock University, and Illinois Wesleyan University have chances to make it in the playoffs.




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