League of Legends Week 5 Power Rankings

League of Legends Power Rankings - 2018 preseason


The 2018 preseason is fully underway, and teams are establishing themselves in their respective divisions. Both new universities as well as veteran organizations are climbing to the top, and this list will highlight 10 exceptional schools who are in the running for first place this preseason. Most of the universities on this list are undefeated, so I’ll be looking at individual ranks and historical strength as well in order to accurately place teams on this list.




10: California Polytechnic State University - Cal Poly is similar to CMU in a lot of ways. They both have a 4-0 record, and both lost in the round of 16 last year, with Cal Poly losing to the eventual runner-ups. Although Cal Poly is coming into this preseason with a brand new roster, there’s no doubt that this team is striving for a top placement. Cal Poly is a historic school and placed top 16 last year. They currently have a 4-0 record and are looking to make their mark.


9: University of Chicago - Chicago is a newer team coming to play in CSL, but they have not disappointed so far. They are 4-0 and have the lineup to go far. Although the roster of Chicago isn’t as strong as some of the teams on this list, TheTankMan is currently rank 50 Challenger, and I believe he has the skills to carry this team to the finish line.


8: University of Florida - Another new team coming into CSL is the University of Florida, and they have looked excellent so far. They have a relatively strong team across the board and have all looked to have played for a very long time. By channeling the power of Renekton, UF has a chance to finish near the top of the CSL ladder.


7: University of Houston - Houston is the Texas representative on this top 10 list. Looking at the roster left me quite impressed, but they are missing a certain something to push them into a top 3 spot on the list. A solid performance in the preseason playoffs would make me consider pushing them to a higher spot. Keep your eye on Houston though, I am expecting some good things out of this school.


6: University of Washington - The University of Washington is going to be number 6 on the list, just outside of the top 5. Looking at their roster left me very impressed, and they blew through the regular season going 5-0, 10-0 in the total game score. With some quality high diamond players and some strong supporting players, I could easily see this team compete with the best CSL has to offer.


5: Rutgers University - This team is impressive, to say the least. With some master/challenger players in the lineup, the team is always going to turn heads. Rutgers has never lost in the regular season, going 22-0 in total game score across two preseasons. They play their first playoff game this Saturday, and I expect there to be a few more games for this team after that one.


4: George Mason University - The roster this team possesses is incredible, being able to edge out everyone in their division. The high rankings of all of the players on this team should be able to carry this team to great heights. If you’re an uncoordinated team against George Mason, they are going to roll over you.


3: University of California, San Diego - Another California team, and this one places on the podium! This team has some quality master/challenger players as well, but what drew me to this team was the consistency of their roster. Pretty much every player is high diamond, and teams that have to face them are going to have difficulty finding a weak lane to target.


2: Arizona State University - The second best team is Arizona State. When I found this team, I was instantly impressed. Their roster is loaded with talent, and they proved their talent by beating another fairly strong team in Berkeley. I could easily see this team winning it all, especially if they continue to play and practice together.


1: University of British Columbia - Coming in first on this list is the University of British Columbia. This school has always been impressive in esports, and their League team is no different. UBC was the runner-up in the 2016/2017 spring season, and they are looking to finally finish 1st. Kazahana, a high challenger player for years, was on that runner-up squad and still is with the team today. They have history and a stellar line-up, and that is why the University of British Columbia is the number 1 team on these power rankings.





where's berkeley

over 1 year ago


So this article was posted yesterday? Maybe you should've checked game scores first tbh, Carleton 2-0'd both #10 and #8. Also where is UOttawa and Berkley? Hmmm

over 1 year ago


where is university of guelph!?!

over 1 year ago

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