Fall Recap and Spring Predictions

The fall season was an exhilarating time for CSL League of Legends that was full of upsets, new teams rising to the top, and veterans maintaining their positions as exemplary teams. Here, I’ll go over a brief recap of top teams for each region and some of my predictions for the spring.



Recapping the teams from the North, we see McMaster Academy currently sitting undefeated at 12-0. McMaster has time and time again proven to be a strong League of Legends team, and they will no doubt be a team to look out for in this upcoming spring season. Another college from the North that has posted strong results is Sheridan College, with their main team at the top of North 6 with a 12-0 game score, and with Sheridan Academy posting 10-4 in North 5. Finally, Ryerson University team, the Wyerson Wams, are first place in North 3. Although they do not have the best game score at 10-4, their past history of success makes them a force to be reckoned with in the North divisions.



Moving on to the East we have multiple undefeated teams that are hungry for a title. The New Jersey Institute of Technology team, the NJIT Highlanders, once again prove their strength by going 12-0, but their past struggles in playoffs are something this team is going to have to work through if they want to be serious contenders. Another undefeated team in the East hails from East 7: the Universite de Montreal. Their one playoff run ended in defeat to McMaster, an incredibly strong school, and there is no doubt that if Montreal can improve their gameplay just a bit, they have a chance to be serious competitors. The Johns Hopkins Bluejays managed to go undefeated in East 3, and I’m excited to see what this new team has to offer in Spring.



The South was much more hotly contested, with only two teams managing to go undefeated. First, in South 1, the University of Houston White went 7-0, only dropping 3 games in the process. The University of Houston also has a strong CLOL team, and this school has proven that they are very capable in the League scene. The other undefeated team in the South is Kennesaw State University’s team, the KSU Kim’s Possibles. Most of the other divisions are closely contested, but keep an eye on the University of Texas at San Antonio. Their main team has performed admirably, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them to continue doing the same considering they top the South 3 group with only a single loss.



The second to last conference is the Midwest, with tons of undefeated teams coming up. Miami University’s MUOH esports club red team is first place in Midwest 10, with only a single game loss. Another undefeated team in the Midwest is the University of Cincinnati, who also only lost a single game going 14-1. Midwest 8 is led by Michigan State University’s MSU Academy, who have not dropped a single game. The last team I’ll mention is the University of Wisconsin - Madison’s MESC JV IA, who managed to go 6-0 in their Midwest 2 conference, while only dropping a single game. The midwest is massive and features a lot of good teams. This is definitely a region to watch out for.



Finally, we arrive at the West and their 9 divisions. Right off the bat, Arizona State University - B draws me in. They went 6-0, and their main team is also very impressive. Of all the teams to watch in the west, I think Arizona State has the best chance of going very far this season. Another university to watch is the University of Washington, whose B and C team have gone 7-0 and 6-1 respectively. Keeping with the trend, the University of California, Berkeley is currently 7-0 in West 4. Berkeley as an organization has been very impressive, so I would be on the lookout for this school as well. Finally, the last school I will mention might very well be the best team in JV1, and that is Simon Fraser University. They finished first place last year, and have yet to drop a single game so far.


Needless to say, there are a lot of amazing teams heading into this season of JV1. All of these regions have some exceptional schools, and there is no telling who might take it all!





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