GameStop Weeklies | Teamfight Tactics

January 19




Date & Time: January 19, 2020 at 12:00 PM PT (3:00 PM ET)

Prizing: 1st place: $100

Game Mode: Teamfight Tactics

Format: Single Elimination; Best of 2

  • Note: Matches during this tournament will not be reported on the CSL website. All tournament management will take place in the CSL Discord server.
  • At the end of registration, all players will be divided into groups of eight, or as close to eight as possible. The Groups will be posted in #tft-announcements.
  • One player in each group, designated as the Host, must create a lobby and invite the other players in their group. If a group does not have eight players, or if after 15 minutes one or more players does not join, the lobby should be started and any additional players that enter randomly during matchmaking will automatically be assigned last place, regardless of the actual results. Under no circumstances should other players outside of those in the tournament be invited to fill empty spots.
  • Each match will consist of two individual games, and players will earn points (see Point Distribution below) based on the final results of each. After two games, the four players with the most cumulative points will move on to the next round, until only eight players remain. This will mark the final round of the tournament.
  • After each game, in the #tft-match_results channel on Discord, the Host should submit:
    • A screenshot of the lobby, showing all invited players; and
    • A screenshot showing the final results.

Point Distribution: 1st: 8 points; 2nd: 7 points; 3rd: 6 points; 4th: 5 points; 5th: 4 points; 6th: 3 points; 7th: 2 points; 8th: 1 point

Tiebreakers: If two or more players have the same number of points after two games, the Tiebreaker will be determined in the order presented here:

  • the highest placing in any single game;
  • the second highest placing in any single game; and finally
  • the highest placing in the first game.

Eligibility: All players must adhere to the eligibility guidelines posted here. Each school may field more than one player, if space is available.

Gameplay Rules: Other standard tournament rules, available here, will apply.

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