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Madden Playoffs Launched

The Playoffsn for our Collegiate Madden league has been launched on the website; read on for more information on what to expect as we move into the post-season playoffs!


We just launched the playoffs; please use the playoff button under the league tab to view the brackets. Please make sure that your team properly shows up on the bracket if you made the cutoff and thank you to everyone for participating this Spring!

Ties were broken by head to head results, point differential, and forfeits/infractions. The matches will take place at the same default Sat 12pm PST time, with one round per week. Note that due to some active teams being removed, a few other teams have advanced into the XBOX playoffs, from the next highest ranked teams with few/no forfeits.


Prize Pool Reminder

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our tournament admins at [email protected] anytime or during the default match time in our Discord channel.


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