MTG Arena Season Recap - It's Time for Playoffs!

The Regular Season for MTG Arena is over. The teams have fought through 13 weeks of stiff competition as well as constant meta changes. They’ve fought through Throne of Eldraine, Oko, Thief of Crowns, Once Upon a Time, and Theros Beyond Death, as it was released mid-season. Now, we have to cut the field down to just 32 teams. Let’s look at how the top of the field is going to look going into our single-elimination playoff from each region!

Note: Teams with an 8-x record made this review.


Teams to Watch:

University of California, Santa Cruz 8-3 (23-9)

University of California, San Diego 8-3 (20-10)

University of Washington 8-3 (18-12)

University of California, Santa Cruz established itself at the top of the league with a week 13 3-0 win against their fellow team University of California, San Diego. This team had a solid finish to a solid season while the University of California, San Diego struggled in losing their last two matches. Right behind is the University of Washington whose 2/3 losses are to both top teams. Overall, this division has no real front runner since no team is above an 8 win record. This could either be a representation of a super competitive region or a sign that no team was super dominant. These teams will have to prove themselves come playoff time, but they can make good dark horses in the playoff rounds.


Teams to Watch

St. Mary’s College of Maryland 9-2 (23-8)

University of Maryland, College Park 9-2 (22-7)

Worcester Polytechnic Institute 9-2 (22-8)

Thomas College 8-3 (18-11)

Northeastern University (17-13)

Our Northeast Division was pretty black and white when it came to results. The gap between the top and the bottom was massive with 7 of the 12 teams in the division ending with 4 or fewer wins. Two of these teams dropped from the tournament altogether. This division really was just a fight for the top with St. Mary’s College of Maryland just barely edging out the rest of the division by a single game win. However, their two losses were from two teams not too far behind, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Thomas College. Although the fighting wasn’t that tough for the teams that made it out of this region, the real challenge is coming: playoffs. 


Teams to Watch:

State University of New York - Albany 10-1 (22-8)

Rutgers University 8-3 (22-9)

Stevens Institute of Technology 8-3 (20-12)

Temple University 8-3 (18-3)

State University of New York - Albany is one of the top teams in the league, and their undefeated record was only disrupted by 4th place Temple University. They’re the only team to finish 10-1. It was a tough fight for the rest of the placings where a singular game decided the top 5 teams in the division. The dominance of State University of New York - Albany in the regular season is something to definitely look out for going into playoffs. The rest of the division, just like many others, is nothing special with just a few finishes of teams with 8 or 7 wins as expected to round out the top of the division.


Teams to Watch:

Oberlin College 9-2 (24-5)

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 9-2 (23-8)

Milwaukee School of Engineering Red 9-2 (20-8)

Shawnee State University 8-3 (21-10)

Milwaukee School of Engineering White 8-3 (18-9)

Northeast 3 definitely had a strong showcase with all top 5 teams finishing with 8 wins or higher. Oberlin College has been dominating all season only losing to Shawnee State University early on in the season and Milwaukee School of Engineering Red towards the end of the season. Milwaukee School of Engineering has shown their might with two of their teams in the playoffs. This division has some great teams who all had solid finishes in their divisions moving forward. I expect a lot out of this region, especially when the losses from the top teams of this division all come from other top teams, which only shows how close these teams are from one another. 


Teams to Watch:

North Carolina State University 9-2 (22-8)

University of Kentucky 9-2 (22-10)

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 9-2 (20-10)

Clemson University 8-3 (23-9)

The East Division looks like it finished similar to Northeast 3. The top of the bracket was super close with North Carolina State University and University of Kentucky dominating all season and ending up only 2 losses away from each other in the final standings with 3rd place Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University just two game wins behind them. The University of Kentucky did 3-0 North Carolina State University, so the top of the division competition-wise looks really close. I expect we’ll see some great results come out of this division with how close and how dominant the top teams are looking after the regular season.


Note: Central played one more match than the other divisions.

Teams to Watch:

University of Tulsa 10-2 (27-8)

Arizona State University 10-2 (27-9)

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology 10-2 (26-7)

This division is packed with some super good teams. South Dakota School of Mines and Technology started off on an 8 game winning streak and was at the top of our power rankings almost all of the regular season. They eventually lost to University of Tulsa and Arizona State University who both finished with a one-loss difference. However, in the head to head, University of Tulsa took down Arizona State University 2-1, so they’re definitely deserving of that top spot. The competition will be stiff from this division and I think the dominant South Dakota School of Mines and Technology will have to show that they’re capable of beating other top teams after 2 disappointing losses in their division. There’s a lot to look forward to coming out of our Central division!


Overall, I’m sure everyone very excited to participate in playoffs. The best college teams in MTG Arena are preparing to face off. With all this money on the line, who will succeed and who will crumble under the pressure? Will a darkhorse team with 7 or 8 wins dominate the playoffs? Will the most dominant teams remain that way? Only one way to find out. Best of luck to all 32 teams who will be fighting it out and may the best Magic players win!



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