Meet the Teams in the Magic: The Gathering Arena Grand Finals

Not even coronavirus can stop us from playing Magic: the Gathering Arena. It’s finally time for the CSL Grand Finals to happen, and we’ve got two amazing teams ready to take each other on in a battle to see who will be this year’s winner. 

Worcester Polytechnic Institute finished third in the Northeast (3) region. Featuring a roster of just four players, the team that wasn’t expected to make their way to the finals, but they did just that. Along the way, they ended the runs of University of California, Berkeley, the top seed from the Central region, the University of Tulsa, Clemson University, and their regional rival the University of Maryland, College Park. With a team of 3 Mythic players, they’re ready to take on the University Of California, San Diego in what will surely be an exciting match to watch. Without further ado, let’s meet our first Grand Finalist school: Worcester Polytechnic Institute!

The Competitors


Junior, Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Manufacturing

Best tournament finish: Finalist, TJ Collectables Legacy 1k 2017

Rank: Mythic

Favorite Card: Preacher


Junior, Robotics Engineering

Best tournament finish: Multiple Time 2-Headed Giant Prerelease winner with Coinman

Rank: Gold

Favorite Card: Tiana, Ship's Caretaker


Junior, Computer Science

Best tournament finish: CSL Grand Finalist 2020

Rank: Mythic

Favorite Card: Sylvan Library


Senior, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Best tournament finish: 23rd place, Leaving a Legacy 5K

Rank: Mythic

Favorite Card: Lightning Bolt


We’ve introduced you to Worcester Polytechnic Institute, but on the other side of the table is their just-as-formidable opponent: the University of California, San Diego. Finishing third in the West region of regular season play, they took down Thomas College, the rulers of the East North Carolina State, the champions from Northeast 2 State University of New York - Albany, and Arizona State University to reach the Grand Finals. Their road to success wasn’t an easy one, and I’m sure they’re ready to give Worcester Polytechnic Institute a run for their money. So, just who are these worthy players? 

The Competitors


Second-year senior, Cognitive Science - Machine Learning

Best tournament finish: 40th at GP Vegas 2018

Rank: Unranked

Favorite Card: Tireless Tracker and Dark Confidant


Sophomore, Probability and Statistics

Best Tournament Finish: GP Phoenix 2019 Champion

Rank: Mythic

Favorite Card: Brainstorm


Senior, Computer Engineering

Best Tournament Finish: 2 top 8s (Lorwyn Block and Extended)

Rank: Gold

Favorite Card: Lucent Liminid

Featuring a roster who are no strangers to winning and boasting a GP win, San Diego is certainly no slouch, but can they take down Worcester Polytechnic Institute? The Grand Finals will decide that. Tune in to the CSL Grand Finals on Twitch on May 31st to see who will be crowned CSL’s Magic: the Gathering Arena champion. 


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