NBA2K Playoffs Launched

As Spring standings for NBA2K were finalized, the new playoff brackets are launched; read on for an overview of what to expect during the Playoffs.



We have removed all the inactive teams and replaced them with active teams; teams were seeded accordingly based on your records throughout the season. All unreported or unfinished matches counted as forfeit losses for BOTH teams for standings/seeding purposes.

Match format is Best-of-3, single elimination bracket. Participants must use (3) unique teams for their Bo3 matches each week (no repeats within a match/series).

Prize Pool Reminder:

Total: $5,000 per console

*Note that teams that forfeit in the Playoffs will only be eligible to receive the prize of the previous round played, if any*



If you have any questions, you can always email us at [email protected] or speak to an admin live on DISCORD during the default match time.


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