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CSL 2017-2018 Broadcast Schedule

Greetings to our community and fans of the Collegiate Starleague. Broadcasts are returning for the fall season!

We’ve simplified our broadcast schedule to:


4pmPT/7pmET - CSGO Match 1 -
7pmPT/10pmET - CSGO Match 2 -


4pmPT/7pmET - Dota2 Match 1 -
4pmPT/7pmET - VG Match -
7pmPT/10pmET - Dota2 Match 2 -
7pmPT/10pmET - SC2 on Tuesday/SCR on Thursday -


Time TBA - Shows*

*Expect the return of The Quad and more talk shows that you’ve grown to love over the years!


Make sure to follow all our Twitch channels to get notified when we go live! 


But who’s playing?

Great question! As most are familiar with CSL teams the calendar can fluctuate with who’s on it. So this year we’ve opened up a document that you can keep track of *live* to see who’s supposed to be playing each day and for which game!


Full link to schedule here.



Not broadcasting Illinois = Mistake ;)

over 2 years ago

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