Top Collegiate Quake Champions Speak Out

This season, CSL's Quake Champions tournament is putting on a display of collegiate talent across the board. In order to prepare you for the end of regular season and playoffs ahead, we caught up with four of the best players in the league. Get to know your Collegiate Quake Champions!

Greg “cha1n” Bouevitch

Carleton University [4-0]

Greg "cha1n" Bouevitch has made his mark with teammate Erik "Burnton" Burton quickly this season by 4-0'ing the competition so far with a lethal Visor/Galena pair up. Bouevitch's personal Quake background is impressive; he has played some Quake 3, "lots" of Quakelive, and "about a year of Quake Champions" (undoubtedly putting him ahead of some of the competition with less QC experience). While he hasn't been to a physical LAN yet, he has played in online cups, primarily QuakeOpenLeague.

While Bouevitch says this season has been "easy" for his Carleton University squad so far, the main draw of playing is that it is "fun for me to teach my friend [Burton] how to play, and it's exciting to see how quickly he's learning and improving." 

On future competition, he continues:  I would be excited to face off against vdmk's [UT Austin] team in the finals! He is another well established Quake player with a lot of skill and I think it would make for the most intense finals." 


Oleksiy "vdmk" Krutko

UT Austin [3-0]

Oleksiy "vdmk" Krutko represents the best and brightest of Texas, the home state of QuakeCon, with his teammate Kevin "KevinWow" Guo. These two UT Austin students have gone 3-0 in the league so far, and it's clear that Krutko's experience in Quake is a major differentiating factor. Krutko played Quakelive in 2010 and has kept up his skills by moving onto Quake Champions in 2017. He was able to attend Quakecon last year, going 1-2 in groups (a more "positive way" to look at failing to advance, he said).

The season in CSL has gone "reasonably well" despite not having a lot of practice time, said Krutko. While Tennessee Tech was the pair's hardest matchup, they don't seem to have their sights set on another team going into the next round. On chances of making it to Quakecon for a second time, Krutko had this to say: "I think we can but we still need more practice."



Jeffrey “thump4” McShane

Florida Institute of Technology [4-0]

Pursuing a doctoral-level education hasn't stopped Jeffrey "thump4" McShane from forming a powerhouse duo with his brother, Kevin "kev" McShane. This Strogg & Peeker/Slash team has gone 4-0 and shows no sign of stopping. Jeffrey had this to say about their advantage: "The difference between us and our competitors is that we have been around for a little longer. Once CSL was announced, we were able to tell our significant others that we are going to need a few hours of practice time. If you give us a handful of hours practice, we can win in anything. It's about practicing smart versus practicing hard."  

Jeffrey's long history in Quake contributes to the pair's formidability. A self-professed old school player, he began playing Quake "before many of my competitors were born." In a moment of nostalgia, he continued: "I think I was 7 or 8 when my Dad bought an Intel 486 for the family for Christmas, in which he was showing off Wolfenstein 3D. My brothers and I were mesmerized by it. With Quake, I played back in 1996 when I was 10 years old, alongside some of the best of them. Thankfully, because of doctoral-level education, I have an avenue to compete on a level playing field against other Quake players in a a new-age, official tournament."
Will Aerospace Engineering and a background as a fighter pilot be the deciding factor in FIT's Quakecon success? It depends on the competition.Jeffrey looks forward to facing UC Davis again: "CKilla (CK) and Jus10 put up a better-than-anticipated fight against us. Afterwards, we gave them a few pointers on how to potentially beat us. So, it'd be a privilege to face them in the playoffs after they have had a chance to train more."

Patrick “pthy” Barton

Appalachian State University [4-0]

Patrick "pthy" Barton and his duo partner Kevin "nuBKI" Tian are another undefeated team in this season's Collegiate Quake tournament. They're an understated pair, seemingly comfortable in letting their performances speak for themselves. Barton said of his own experience: "My background in Quake starts when I played Q2 on my dad's lap as a toddler. I picked Q2 back up in middle school starting with instagib then moving to duel and jumpmod. Around 2011 I started playing QLive, mostly ca at first then ctf/tdm almost exclusively. I began playing Quake Champions during the first closed beta weekend and have loved it since then."

On this season so far: "[It's] been fun and I’ve enjoyed improving with my teammate and helping him learn Quake as he came from Overwatch." Coordination is what Barton thinks lifts them above the competition, but he still looks forward to facing top-tier players like cha1n and vdmk [featured above] in the future rounds of the tournament before heading to Quakecon.

Why the confidence? "I’ll be at Quakecon whether or not I place top 2 in this, woo woo woo," responded Barton knowingly. 


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