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Season Guide to CSL Fall 2019 - Spring 2020

Rocket League

General Information

CSL is an intercollegiate gaming league open to all accredited colleges and universities in North America. We will be running a year-long season with weekly matches. There will be a single unified division - Star League. During the regular season, teams will play Best of Fives in round robin conferences. The round robin will be (roughly) geographical, played across both Fall and Spring, with the top teams advancing to a double-elimination playoff bracket, Best of Five, with the lower bracket having up to two matches per week. The final match will be Best of Seven, with the upper bracket team starting 1-0 automatically. Competition is defaulted to PC (steam) using Rocket ID's, including for any potential events, but otherwise players may use any other cross platform console. 

The server will be US-East by default (unless both teams agree to change) and the first map will always be DFH Stadium (unless both teams agree to change); the losing team will select the next map in the match (if applicable) and may elect to change to US-West if desired.

Summary of Key Points

Schedule - Regular Season

Schedule - Playoffs - Updated April 22, 2020

Prize Pool

Tips for New Coordinators and Teams

Running a CSL team can be daunting, fun, or both! Here are some tips that we've gathered over the years to make the best of your experience:

1. Read the rules

Carefully. Rules are very important for creating a smooth experience!

2. Pick a responsible coordinator

This is the person who will submit lineups/reports on time, file disputes for forfeits or cheating accusations, and communicate with other coordinators and CSL admins on your behalf on a weekly basis; coordinators will also be responsible for making sure all team members are eligible under the rules. Coordinators must have a Discord name attached to their CSL profile, since Discord is where most communcation between teams will take place. You don't want to incur penalties because your coordinator is disorganized or forgetful!

3. Know that not all players are flexible

The default time for CSL matches is set for Saturday 12:00pm Pacific (and 1:30pm Pacific for the second weekly lower bracket matches). Most of the time our teams are friendly and can reschedule, but you may run up against a team that also has other obligations and cannot. Sign your team up for this league knowing that you will have to set aside time on Saturday afternoons.

Official Rules

The following are the official rules of the CSL Rocket League league. Rules cover eligibility, format, match procedures, reporting, penalties, and more. Any issues that arise which are not covered within the current rules will be settled at the discretion of CSL admins on a case-by-case basis, and when applicable, penalties set when deemed appropriate. Rules may be added or modified if deemed necessary.

Team Eligibility

Player Eligibility

Regular Season Format

Playoffs and Tiebreakers

Match Format

In-Game Settings and Rules


The first map for each match will be DFH Stadium, with the loser of each map selecting the next map in the match, from any map in the standard map pool that has not already been used (no maps may be reused within a match)

Standard Map Pool:

Gameplay Rules

Substitutions/Player Movement

Administrative Rules


Broadcast Rules

  1. If your team has been selected for a broadcast your coordinator will be notified via email
  2. The match will be moved from the default time to a broadcasted time slot. Please check your individual team pages to confirm these changes
  3. Yes, this is mandatory
  4. Once you're scheduled for a broadcast you may not move or reschedule the match without the approval of the production director. Doing so or playing ahead of your broadcasted time will result in a forfeit for both teams
  5. This year we will allow teams to notify us no later than 7 days prior to their broadcast date if they have an issue with the time presented. Any team that cancels later than that 7 day period will be automatically forfeited.(Certain times there will be exceptions, e.x. first couple weeks of the fall, as it's very sudden for those team to prepare/adjust schedules for match times.)
  6. If your team is planning on dropping out or going inactive please let the production director or one of the admins know asap. Going dark and not saying anything leaves us vulnerable and creates a bad impression of your team/school
  7. You can view the publicly available broadcast schedule HERE (TBD)

Penalties and Bannable Offenses


Fees, Data, and Other Legal Notices

For any Rocket League related questions - please feel free to email us at [email protected] or speak to an admin live at the default match time on DISCORD in the Rocket League Tournament chat.