How to Play and Report CSL Matches

All players should be familiar with the ruleset for your specific game. Coordinators should be even more comfortable with the specifics of these rules as you are the point of contact between admins and your team. This will be a short guide of how to play out and report your weekly matches; it is mostly the same from previous years, so this will mainly be for new participants and a refresh for returning players.

What to expect on a weekly basis during the season:


A few hours before the listed match time for your CSL match (default Sat 12pm PST), a chat room will popup in the corner for members of both teams so both teams can talk to each other and set up. The chat room will persist for a few hours after the match time passes and then automatically close.



After you go through the process of contacting the opposing team, checking the players, and then playing out the match, coordinators will need to report the game. On the match page, there is a report button for when you play out the game and a forfeit button in the case of no shows.



On the forfeit page, coordinators will write a short explanation, (e.g. no show, they contacted you confirming they forfeit... etc.) as well as uploading the relevant screenshot as evidence. An admin will later review the evidence and approve the forfeit if applicable.



On the report page, coordinators will select the details and winner of the match; note that every game is different, so it will look slightly different (e.g. SC2 has pre-submitted lineups and a replay uploader, Dota has a player/hero/role selection and a screenshot uploader, LoL has tournament codes, CSGO has automated reporting… etc). If your match is longer than Best of One, you will need to report each individual set within the match.



If you need assistance during the default match time, admins are available on the CSL DISCORD, there are separate chatrooms for each game. Admins will also be available in the client if your game supports chat channels, in channel CSL. If you have questions during the week and want live assistance, we will have a help desk/office hour for select game titles every week preceding the match day; see your game's rules page for information.

Other than that, you can always contact your tournament admins by email anytime during the week for any tournament related inquiry. The addresses are available on the rules page with some examples listed below:


You should contact our tournament admins for all things tournament, such as:



I think it would be better if the chat could appear as soon as the week starts so we can use the chat to schedule the match considering it's the biggest part of the set up.

over 3 years ago


I agree with the above comment. There is no way we can play on 12pm every Saturday, we would love to play earlier, like Thursday night but it's hard to contact the opponent.

over 3 years ago


Please take the top suggestion into consideration. Being able to contact our opponents at least a few days earlier would be highly beneficial to proper setup.

over 3 years ago


Currently making a Facebook group for the captains so we can communicate better about scrims and match times. LMK if you are interested in joining

over 3 years ago


Thanks for the feedback - we'll look into it

over 3 years ago


Agree with the top comment

almost 3 years ago


The chat box should record the time messages are sent and received...

almost 3 years ago

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