The Collegiate StarCraft II finals are over! After a long season of hard work, our collegiate teams were put to the test one last time. In the round of four, we saw the two Canadian teams and two American teams in some of the best games we’ve had all season. In the end, our newly crowned champions walked out of Toronto’s Scotiabank Theatre with the first place prize, $3,000 and bragging rights. Read on for a recap of all of the StarCraft II matches we saw this weekend.

 Temple University, left to right: Shin, Whipple, Plata, Tredinnick

Round of Four: University of Connecticut versus Temple University

One Versus One - Newkirk Precinct TE - printf (P) versus Tesla (P)

Our very first match of the round of four was, perhaps, the most unorthodox match we saw all weekend. Dylan “printf” Ramsay, the cannon rusher, represented UConn and faced off against Temple’s Robbie “Tesla” Plata. It’s not secret that Ramsay is a cannon rusher, so Plata was quite prepared. He opened with a fast forge to defend with cannons of his own. After fending off the initial cannon rush, Plata started his own in Ramsay’s base. He was able to successfully take out Ramsay’s nexus, but Ramsay had expanded to Plata’s fifth base and recalled his probes to that base. In what ensued, void rays and stalkers danced between bases and, at one point, it seemed as though Ramsay was going to beat Plata. That said, as soon as Plata’s dark templar began swiping Ramsay’s probes, it was clear the first match would go to Temple.


One Versus One - Honorgrounds LE - Hjax (P) versus Raze (T)

In the second match, Kevin “Hjax” Konrad went for a single robo colossus into double robo disruptor build against Temple’s ace, Jay “Raze” Whipple. After losing a few colossi during Whipple’s tank push, Konrad transitioned into a disruptor based army. Drops in his main base that hit before blink did some damage, and further drops increased the gap even more. A large battle near Konrad’s third ultimately decided the game. Despite some solid disruptor micro, Konrad was not able to hold, and Whipple gave Temple their second victory of the series.


Robbie “Tesla” Plata of Temple University


Two Versus Two - Moebius Facility XX - TurkeyDano (P) & Rookwood (Z) versus Shinroc (P) & Heartbeat (Z)

Facing elimination, the UConn two versus two team had to win. Christian “Rookwood” and Daniel "TurkeyDano” Fernandes went up against Yuchong “CentaurWA” Yang’s substitute, Albert “Shinroc” Shin and Taylor “Heartbeat” Tredinnick. Shin, not a main roster player, and Tredinnick, a two versus two veteran, had a plan. Unfortunately, that plan was foiled by the safe play of Carmellini and  Fernandes. Some nice zergling and queen micro against banelings, by Carmellini, combined with the solid macro of Fernandes was sufficient the UConn team in the series.


Archon Mode - Paladino Terminal LE - TurkeyDano & printf (P) versus Tesla & Shinroc (P)

The Archon match could’ve gone two ways for UConn: “printf style,” which involves cannons, or “TurkeyDano style,” which involves playing the game as we tend to expect. Plata and Shin, knowing this, had to be prepared for both. The UConn archon was able to take some of the early stalker skirmishes and ultimately moved into skytoss. Meanwhile, the Temple archon teched up to a robotics bay and disruptors. The downfall of UConn was unfortunately caused by a poor engagement. Mis-rallies, idle carriers, and wonky unit pathing on Paladino, gave the more put together Temple team took the match and series victory.

FINAL: University of Connecticut 1 - 3 Temple University


Universite de Montreal, left to right: Dimitriu, Lacasse-Labelle, Trudel, Daunais; front: Alexander Tanasie, manager

Round of Four: Universite de Montreal versus University of Waterloo

One Versus One - Newkirk Precinct TE - Semper (T) versus Buster (T)

The second round of four started with a Terran versus Terran match, featuring the de facto MVP of the event, Montreal’s Alexandru “Semper” Dimitriu, as well as Waterloo’s William “Buster” Stewart. Both players opened with a similar cyclone build. Doom drops throughout the mid and late game kept both players busy, but Dimitriu’s control and decision making proved superior. After catching one of Stewart’s incoming drops, Dimitriu was able to secure the 1-0 lead for Montreal.


One Versus One - Honorgrounds LE - Jig (Z) versus TheRiddler (T)

The second match featured Riddle “TheRiddler” Li, playing for Waterloo as well as Simon “Jig” Lacasse-Labelle from Montreal. Early in the match, Li was able to get ahead with hellion harass followed up by raven and speed-upgraded banshee harass. Lacasse-Labelle, cool under the pressure, fought off the mech player’s aggression and moved in with a roach and ravager push that did massive damage. Though he was hurt by roach push, Li wasn’t out of the game until Lacasse-Labelle’s mutalisk and swarm hosts finished him off.


Simon “Jig” Lacasse-Labelle of Universite de Montreal


Two Versus Two - Moebius Facility XX - Goon (P) & Kraken (Z) versus Powerfoe (T) & captainfail (Z)

Down 0-2, Waterloo’s Liang “Powefoe” Chen and Yuting “captainfail” Shen had to win this set to keep their team alive. Fortunately for Montreal’s Charles-Emile “Kraken” Trudel and Mathieu “Goon” Daunais, there was no pressure to win. That said, even with the pressure on, the Waterloo two versus two team came in the clutch and kept their team in tournament.


Archon Mode - Paladino Terminal LE - Semper & Kraken (T) versus Powerfoe & Buster (T)

With the score at 2-1, Montreal still had room for error in the Archon match. Dimitriu and Trudel opened aggressively with harass provided by a medivac and two cyclones. This force, which may have been cleaned up earlier, ended up doing significant damage. Excellent medivac pick up micro kept both cyclones alive and dealing damage. Those two cyclones killed anything trickling out of Waterloo’s production buildings and ultimately killed workers before the end of the match. That harass, along with solid macro brought Montreal their 3-1 victory.

FINAL: Universite de Montreal 3 - 1 University of Waterloo


Grand Final: Universite de Montreal versus Temple University

One Versus One - Honorgrounds LE - Jig (Z) versus Shinroc (P)

The grand final series was kicked off with an ultra-fast Protoss versus Zerg. Shin, attempting to take a game off of a much better player, went for a proxy four gate build. Unfortunately, Lacasse-Labelle wasn’t taking any chances and opened with a spawning pool before his hatchery. The valiant zealots of Shin were quickly cleaned up and Shin was forced to surrender.


One Versus One - Cactus Valley LE - Semper (T) versus Raze (T)

If map one was anti-climactic, map two was just the opposite. Whipple opened aggressively with two reapers and two hellions before moving into cyclones and ravens. His push almost overwhelmed Dimitriu, but mass repair on a siege tank, combined with the fact that Whipple’s units didn’t arrive together allowed Dimitriu to hold. In the mid-game, skirmishes around Whipple’s third provided unproductive. Ultimately, a base trade was forced when Whipple’s army was making it’s way to the other side of the map as Dimitriu went after the third. Under pressure, Dimitriu’s decision making and execution proved superior and he took the the  map.


Two Versus Two - Magma Mines - Goon (P) & Kraken (Z) versus Tesla (P) & Tugboat (Z)

Every two versus two prior to this one saved a team from being eliminated. This one proved to be the same. A proxy Gateway and roach push by Montreal was shut down when Tredinnick caught both. Plata then moved across the map with blink stalkers and proceeded to keep both armies busy as Tredinnick focused on his economy. Eventually, the Temple Zerg came to help his ally, who was at the time killing his own stalkers to warp dark templar into Montreal’s main. Proving again that the two versus two is important, Temple kept their championship dream alive.


Archon Mode - Bel'Shir Vestige LE - Jig & Kraken (Z) versus Tesla & Shinroc (P)

Still facing elimination, Temple had to win the Archon. In the early to mid game, Montreal’s zergling runbys were not only able to scout, but also do some economic damage to Temple. A dark templar drop by Temple was able to do some work, but not quite enough to put them ahead. Then, while gearing up for a chargelot immortal timing, Temple was hit by Montreal’s mutalisks. At first Temple scrambled to defend their economy, but with not much anti-air, their efforts failed to prevent the damage. After sustaining critical damage, and without an army large enough to win on its own, Temple was forced to surrender.

FINAL: Universite de Montreal 3 - 1 Temple University


Congratulations to the 2016-2017 season champions, Universite de Montreal! It’s hard to ignore the strength of this team and harder still to deny that they put in the work. Though there weren’t any major upsets, the round of four matches were certainly exciting. If my recap didn’t satisfy your appetite for Collegiate StarCraft II action, you can catch the matches yourself on our YouTube channel. Each series will be  uploaded soon, so check back for that.


Well, that’s the end of our season! Make sure to stay on the lookout for any summer CSL StarCraft-related announcements and news. Thanks for tuning in throughout the season and we’ll be back at it again next year soon enough!


All photos by Michelle Shin, except Montreal team photo by Theresa Gaffney


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