StarCraft II Week 12 Roundup: End of the Road

The last week of regular season play is finished! Except for some matches that will be streamed over the next few weeks (to keep production busy), we’ve finally reached the small pre-playoffs break. Whether you’ve been following all along or are just tuning in now, read on for a brief roundup of Collegiate StarCraft on heading into the playoffs.

Conference #1

Temple University was, as usual, able to pick up another win. This time, Simon Fraser University was the losing team, though they did take a map.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign swept University of California, Los Angeles in their last match of the regular season.

Rochester Institute of Technology had a bye.

Conference #2

 A great series from Chicago and UC Berkeley that ended with their respective aces going head-to-head.

University of Connecticut picked up an especially easy 3-0 win against McMaster University.

University of Chicago was bested by University of California, Berkeley in a series that was streamed last week. I definitely recommend checking it out in the VOD above.

University of Waterloo swept the University of Florida. This StarCraft writer is not surprised.

Conference #3

Georgia Institute of Technology was victorious against Michigan State University. The series went to the ace match, where Georgia Tech was able to secure the win.

University of California, Riverside failed to take a single map off of the University of Washington. Expect to see Washington higher on my next power ranking.

Southern Illinois University: Carbondale had a bye week.

Conference #4

University of California, Irvine had a bye week

University of California, San Diego and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute will play their match on stream on Tuesday, February 20th.

University of Ontario Institute of Technology and University of Texas at Austin will play their match on February 17th.

That's it for the season! See you all in the playoffs!

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