Starcraft II Spring and Playoffs Info

As Spring groups are made, we move ahead onto the next half of the season, as teams compete for a place in the Playoffs. Please read the following for general information regarding what to expect in Spring groups and the playoffs.



As stated in the rules, the groups are now mixed between regions and teams have been seeded by their Fall standings into the new groups. All unreported or unfinished matches counted as forfeit losses for BOTH teams for standings/seeding purposes. All teams should make sure the CSL website is properly updated with your match results as they are played out going forward; you don't want to lose standings just because your coordinator did not report your wins!

As usual, the map pool has been updated for Spring to reflect more recent changes and will again be revaluated before playoffs. The Spring map order is as follows:


1/12 1/19 1/26 2/2 2/9
Automaton LE Para Site LE Blueshift LE Stasis LE Port Aleksander LE
Cerulean Fall LE Port Aleksander LE Kairos Junction LE Cerulean Fall LE Automaton LE
Overgrown Facility Dusty Gorge Overgrown Facility Dusty Gorge Overgrown Facility
Blueshift LE Stasis LE Automaton LE Lost and Found LE Para Site LE
Kairos Junction LE Cerulean Fall LE Para Site LE Dreamcatcher LE Blueshift LE


The Top (3) teams in each group will advance to a 12-team single elimination playoff bracket culminating in an online finals.

As a reminder, every win counts! Playoff contention is often decided by differentials and head-to-head results as there are normally a few tied records, so make sure to get as many wins as possible, as give up as little as possible! Good luck to all everyone and may the best team win!

Prize Pool Reminder:

Total - $5,000

*Note that teams that forfeit in the Playoffs will only be eligible to receive the prize of the previous round played, if any*

If you have any questions, you can always email us at [email protected] or speak to an admin live on DISCORD during our weekly help desk on Mon at 8-9pm Pacific (first weekly help desk for Spring starts 1/7).


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