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Overwatch & Hearthstone Summer Tournaments for 2019

June 11, 2019

School might be out for summer, but the games are still on! CSL is hosting a series of Overwatch and Hearthstone tournaments during the Summer with a $4,000 and $2,000 prize pool, respectively. Win some cool cash while honing your skills with your collegiate team!

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Progress Through Protest: PACG May Change Collegiate Esports Landscape

February 13, 2018

Representatives from eleven of the PAC-12’s dozen schools banded together to form the PACG after the Power 5 conference decided not to pursue the creation of an official esports initiative. Their existence raises questions about collegiate esports in the future.


StarCraft II Week 12 Roundup: End of the Road

February 13, 2018

The last week of regular season play is finished! Whether you’ve been following all along or are just tuning in now, read on for a brief roundup of Collegiate StarCraft on heading into the playoffs.


Gogebic Catches the Esports Bug

February 10, 2018

Esports programs are becoming common among schools, but how about dedicating an arena? Gogebic's got it thanks to IT instructor Jim Halverson, the driving force of Gogebic Community College's collegiate gaming scene.


Menlo College: Silicon Valley's New Hub for Collegiate Esports

February 8, 2018

Menlo College should be on your radar. You may not have heard about this small, baccalaureate college before, but their new esports program and scholarships are sure to make waves starting in Fall 2018.


StarCraft II Week 11 Roundup: The Home Stretch

February 6, 2018

Things are good in Philly for football fans and collegiate StarCraft fans alike. While the football season has ended, the StarCraft season is just starting to heat up. So close to playoffs, the results of Week 11 were crucial for some of our teams.


StarCraft II Power Ranking: The Top 10 in Week 10

January 29, 2018

“Hell, it’s about time” ... for another power ranking! The ten teams featured in this article are not only the best teams in the league, they are also the most dedicated. These are the teams that show up every week with solid lineups and an appetite for victory.


Industry Insiders: Jose Espin is a True Chicago Esports Story

January 27, 2018

Esports are growing on the strength of people, and Jose Espin, the coordinator of Robert Morris University's (IL) esports program, is one of those people - a true, blue, esports dream story for a local kid from Westchester, IL.


StarCraft II Week 9: Bye, Bye, Bye

January 23, 2018

While this week wasn’t packed with upsets or surprises, it did bring every team one step closer to (or farther from) the playoffs. Read on for a roundup of all of the week nine action.

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END GAME event dates and registration links

January 22, 2018

CSL is excited to partner with Bud Light to bring exclusive END GAME fighting game events to Canada! If you're a Smash 4 player, this circuit is perfect for you with an $8,000 prize pool up for grabs. Here's a list of dates and places the CSL crew will be touring.

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Bud Light and Collegiate StarLeague Bring Esports Events to Canadian Campuses

January 19, 2018

Students to compete on an eight city campus tour for $8,000 in prizes. Read on for more about locations and prizing for this exciting circuit!

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HistoryTeacher and CentralTimeNA join Harrisburg University esports program

January 18, 2018

Harrisburg University has made more definitive moves for their esports program by recruiting Chad "HistoryTeacher" Smeltz as program director and Jeff "CentralTimeNA" Wang as the team’s head coach.

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University of Providence Adds Scholarship Esports Program for 2018-2019 School Year

January 17, 2018

University of Providence is the latest campus to add their name to the list of varsity esports programs in North America. Read on for more information on this new program.