SFV Qualifier Recap 2

Street Fighter’s competition here at Collegiate StarLeague has seen a bit of growth in these past three qualifiers. We’ve seen a multitude of college crews come out to face off against one another for a chance at the grand prize. With last month only having one local qualifier, it was a breath of fresh air and a nice surprise to have three qualifiers with good turnouts this time around, as well as a special CSL hosted collegiate tournament at Player Omega. With the climax of this local qualifier season coming soon, it’s going to be a real treat to see each local qualifying team face off in regionals and onward! 





Our first qualifier featured a very dominant run from Saint Petersburg College’s Tarpon Titans. The Titans took on the competition and won both matches OCV (one-character victory) style. Both their players, GlazedBacon and Kazekage_J, made sure not to hold back and their results showed exactly that. Only time will tell if the defeated teams, Full Sail University and University of Central Florida’s A and B teams, will make the necessary adjustments to come back and show what they’re made of in the next round.


Ohio State:


The Ohio State qualifier brought us three colleges ready to fight for their spot at regionals. This was another Street Fighter qualifier that presented us with a dominant team run. Here, Ohio State University (OSU) ran through “with the greatest of ease” with only two character losses in the entire event. The University of Akron Zips made their way out of losers bracket for a runback with OSU in grand finals, but this rematch attempt was to no avail. Ohio State University took this qualifier convincingly!




Vanderbilt was the last qualifier of the month and hosted a three-team bracket. Vanderbilt’s qualifier again followed the trend of the last few events with the victor being completely dominant. While Belmont University went 3-0 in the first round’s match, they were stomped out by the University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s lineup of Yoiny, Dill99, and Chalupa94.



With each qualifier, we have seen the dominance top teams have showcased. This season has us very excited to watch the clashing of bulls in our regional qualifying round. With two more local qualifiers, there’s still a chance for even new talent to show off their skills in SFV. You won’t want to miss the next round!



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