SFV Recap: The Path to Divisionals

Street Fighter V’s first season here at CSL has been a rather interesting one. Tons of faces are showing up and looking to make themselves known in the world of CSL with the hopes of being the first CSL Street Fighter V champions and taking home the grand prize. With the local qualifying rounds over and the regional qualifiers underway, there are tons of great teams from different schools ready to take on one another and fight to make it to the divisionals rounds.

Of course, the road to make these divisionals won’t be absolutely free which we all quickly found out after this first round of regional qualifying matches. These matches feature some of our favorites from the past rounds and a few new faces as well!

The North 2 regional qualifier was one of the larger qualifiers in this first Street Fighter circuit with a total of 8 teams from 8 different schools meeting up to face off for an advancing spot. 

During the first round between Michigan State University and Sheridan College, it was made evident that Sheridan’s team A players came with experience. Just take a look at these great and optimized whiff punishes from Sheridan’s Silverrupee and his Ed.

Throughout the event, multiple players from this school went and showed out during each and every one of their matches. Their love of optimization and Roseanne’s love of waking up with buttons was something I loved seeing every time things went their way.

Once things finally came down to the grand finals, Sheridan sat pretty while waiting for Lambton College to make their way up from losers bracket to face off in one more crew set. Things ended on a bit of a shaky note but Sheridan’s Silverrupee was able to finish things off and bring home the gold for his school, qualifying Sheridan for divisional qualifiers along with the runner-ups at Lambton.

While this regional was half the size of North 2, it was still just as entertaining with University of Texas at Dallas stealing most of the show. UT Dallas’s players constantly showed off their knowledge of the game along with crazy pressure and made a great show out of defeating their opponents.

In fact, I’m inclined to say that this regional was the UTD show, well up until they met with University of Texas at Austin in the grand finals where Frostbite gave them a bit of a run for their money.

Things all came down to Dallas vs Austin with Kermit vs Frostbite. After a very close final set and an unnecessarily risky hail mary play from Frostbite that lost him the game, UT Dallas managed to take it home after Frostbite guessed wrong on the last bit of oki. 

Hopefully, they hit the training room and learn to beat what was lost against as they and UTD will be advancing to divisional qualifiers.


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